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    We welcome enquiries from our users and from those interested in contributing information or accessing AustLit. When writing to us, please provide clear details about your query or issue, and include the following details:

    – your name

    – your email address

    – the information you need or wish to provide

    Please allow at least five working days for a response. We will reply to you only, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will not provide your personal information to any other person or organisation.


    – You might have suggestions for changes or improvements to enhance AustLit.

    – You might have reliable biographical information on a writer.

    – You might be an Australian writer who would like to provide us with information.

    – You might have reliable bibliographic or other information on AustLit works.

    – You might have a fantastic Australian literature site, online journal or blog you would like us to consider adding to our database.

    – You might have questions about AustLit, or its services.

    – You might be a researcher who wishes to work with us on a research outcome. See our Research Projects pages for information on the types of project we support.

    Mailing Address AustLit

    School of Communication and Arts

    The University of Queensland

    Brisbane QLD 4072




    Kerry Kilner is the Director of AustLit. She is based in the School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland. She can be contacted at k.kilner (AT)

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