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  • Current Team

    Development Team

    The University of Queensland in the School of Communication and Arts

    The AustLit Development Team manages the ongoing content and technical development of AustLit, and aims to provide users with the best possible Australian literature resource discovery service.

    Kerry Kilner, Director and General Editor

    Jonathan Hadwen, Lead Developer, Database manager

    – Brenden Jeon, Web Developer

    Kent Fitch, Developer, Project Computing Pty Ltd


    Content Creation Team

    A large AustLit team was distributed around Australia for many years with overall management the responsibility of the lead university, The University of Queensland. Since 2014 most of the content and technical development and management activities have been undertaken by the UQ team of expert researchers and bibliographers.

    The University of Queensland

    Dr Catriona Mills, Senior Researcher and Indexer

    Dr Clay Djubal, Senior Researcher

    – Joanne Sawyers, Indexer, Current Publications

    – Irene Howe, Researcher, Indexer, BlackWords

    The UQ team is assisted from time to time by student interns from the School of Communication and Arts.

    Flinders University

    Dr Tully Barnett

    University of Wollongong (Emeritus Indexer)

    Dr Michael Jacklin


    AustLit is lucky to have a number of former staff members who continue to contribute as volunteers. We recognise their contributions through the Emeritus status.

    The University of Queensland (Emeritus Indexer)

    – Robert Thomson


    Queensland University of Technology (Emerita Indexers)

    Dr Cherie Allan

    Amy Cross


    University of New South Wales, Canberra (Emerita Indexers)

    – Jane Rankine

    Tessa Wooldridge


    University of Western Australia (Emeritus Indexer)

    Charles McLaughlin


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