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Getting in Touch

  • While AustLit provides a wide range of information about Australian writers and writing, it does not give access to contact details for authors or publishers. If you would like to contact an author or publisher, try some of the following tips.

  • Contacting Authors and Publishers

  • Author websites

    Many Australian authors have websites to which AustLit has linked. If you are an AustLit subscriber, search for the author by name and look for a website in the 'Works by' or 'Works about' columns. If there is one, you will find a summary of the website and a direct link to it. If you are not a subscriber to AustLit, or are unable to access AustLit through a subscribing organisation, such as your state or local library, try Google to find the author.

    Other sources

    If the author you are interested in does not have a website, information may be available through their publishers, agents, or other literary organisations, or through published directories such as the Who's Who of Australian Writers or The Writers Directory. These are available in many libraries.

    Contacting Publishers

    AustLit records information on publishers. Search for publishers by name in AustLit, or try searching for the publisher website using a search engine like Google.

    — Australian Publishers Association

    — Australia Council for the Arts

    Writers' Organisations

    Organisations that represent authors can also be of assistance.

    — Australian Society of Authors

    — Australian Writers' Guild

    — Poets Union

    Australian Writers' Centres

    Australia also has a number of writers' centres that may provide further information.

    — Australian Writers' Centre


    — ACT Writers' Centre

    Northern Territory

    — Northern Territory Writers' Centre


    — Booranga Writers' Centre

    — Hunter Writers' Centre

    — New England Writers' Centre

    — Northern Rivers Writers' Centre

    — South Coast Writers' Centre

    — Varuna Writers' Centre


    — Queensland Writers Centre


    — South Australian Writers' Centre


    — Tasmanian Writers Centre


    — Writers Victoria


    — Words Out West

    — Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre

    — Peter Cowan Writers' Centre

    — WA Writers Centre

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