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Western Australian Literature

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    Western Australian Literature contains thousands of records migrated from the original bibliographies, Western Australian Literature: A Bibliography in 1981, and its revised 1990 edition, Western Australian Writing: A Bibliography. The original compilers of the Bibliography were Bruce Bennett, with Peter Cowan, John Hay and Susan Ashford.

    Western Australian Literature also contains records about Western Australian writers and writing created by other AustLit contributors. All AustLit contributors add to this segment of Australian literary culture, with the University of Western Australia taking special responsibility for the development of resources.

    Western Australian Literature information is sourced from the full range of AustLit information sources, including the the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) and a number of specialist sources, including:

    — the J.S. Battye Library

    — the Library and Information Service of Western Australia

    — the University of Western Australia Library

    — personal collections

    — publishers' archives

    — direct authorial assistance

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