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A Companion to the Australian Media
Bridget Griffen-Foley, Editor
(Status : Public)

    The abbreviations used in A Companion to Australian Media are:

    AAP : Australian Associated Press

    AARNet : Australian Academic and Research Network

    AAT : Administrative Appeals Tribunal

    ABA : Australian Broadcasting Authority

    ABC : Australian Broadcasting Commission/Corporation

    ABCB : Australian Broadcasting Control Board

    ABT : Australian Broadcasting Tribunal

    ACA : A Current Affair

    ACCC : Australian Consumer and Competition Commission

    ACCM : Australian Council on Children and the Media

    ACB : Australian Cricket Board

    ACMA : Australian Communications and Media Authority

    ACP : Australian Consolidated Press

    ACTF : Australian Children’s Television Foundation

    ACTU : Australian Council of Trade Unions

    AES : Army Education Service

    AFA : Advertising Federation of Australia

    AFC : Australian Film Commission

    AFDC : Australian Film Development Corporation

    AFI : Australian Film Institute

    AFL : Australian Football League

    AFR : Australian Financial Review

    AFTRS : Australian Film Television and Radio School

    AGPS : Australian Government Publishing Service

    AICA : Australian Indigenous Communications Association

    AIF : Australian Imperial Force

    AIS : Australian Information Service

    AJA : Australian Journalists’ Association

    ALP : Australian Labor Party

    ALRC : Australian Law Reform Commission

    AMAA : Audited Media Association of Australia

    AMCOS : Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited

    AMPS : Advanced Mobile Phone System

    ANAA : Australian Association of National Advertisers

    ANC : Australian Newspapers Conference/Council

    ANIB : Australian News and Information Bureau

    ANL : Associated Newspapers Ltd

    ANM : Australian Newsprint Mills

    ANOP : Australian Nationwide Opinion Polls

    ANPA : Australian Newspaper Proprietors’ Association

    ANZCA : Australian and New Zealand Communication Association

    ANZWONA : Australian and New Zealand Web Offset Newspaper Association

    AP : Associated Press

    APA : Australian Press Association

    APC : Australian Press Council

    APCA : Australian Press Cuttings Agency

    APOP : Australian Public Opinion Polls

    APPA : Australian Provincial Press Association

    APRA : Australasian Performing Right Association

    ARIA : Australian Recording Industry Association

    ARN : Australian Radio Network

    ASB : Advertising Standards Board

    ASC : Advertising Standards Council

    ATF : Australian Television Facilities

    ATR : Advanced Television Research

    ATSIC : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

    ATV : Associated Television Corporation

    AUSFTA : Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement

    AWA : Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd

    AWARD : Australasian Art Writers and Art Directors Association

    AWG : Australian Writers’ Guild

    AWU : Australian Workers’ Union

    AWV : Amalgamated Wireless Valve Company Ltd

    B&T : Broadcasting & Television

    BBC : British Broadcasting Corporation

    BBS : Bulletin Board Systems

    BRACS : Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme

    BRW : Business Review Weekly

    BSA : Broadcasting Services Act 1992

    BSB : British Satellite Broadcasting

    BUGA-UP : Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions

    CAAMA : Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association

    CAB : Circulations Audit Board

    CAMP : Campaign Against Moral Persecution Inc

    CBAA : Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

    CBF : Community Broadcasting Foundation

    CNA : Community Newspapers of Australia

    COMPAC : Commonwealth Pacific Cable System

    CPA : Communist Party of Australia

    CPC : Children’s Program Committee

    CPU : Commonwealth Press Union

    CRA : Commercial Radio Australia

    CRN : Community Radio Network

    CTA : Commercial Television Australia

    CTA : Christian Television Associations

    CTS : Children’s Television Standards

    DBCDE : Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

    DOI : Department of Information

    EMI : Electric and Musical Industries

    EMMA : Enhanced Media Metrics Australia

    ENT : Examiner & Northern Television Ltd

    EPU : Empire Press Union

    EWA : Eric White Associates

    FACTS : Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations

    FARB : Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters

    FCA : Foreign Correspondents’ Association

    FFC : Film Finance Corporation

    FIAPF : International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations

    FM : Frequency Modulation

    FOI : freedom of information

    FPC : Federal Publishing Company Pty Ltd

    FPAA : Film Production Association of Australia

    FPPG : Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery

    FSA : Farmers and Settlers’ Association

    FT : Financial Times

    HWT : Herald and Weekly Times

    ICTV : Indigenous Community Television

    IMT : In Melbourne Tonight

    IPTV : Internet Protocol Television

    IRCA : Indigenous Remote Communication Association

    JEAA : Journalism Education Association of Australia

    JWT : J. Walter Thompson

    LOTE : languages other than English


    MCA : Media Council of Australia

    MEAA : Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

    MIA : Media Information/International Australia

    MPA : Magazine Publishers of Australia

    MWAG : Media Women’s Action Group

    NAIBA : National Aboriginal and Islander Broadcasting Association

    NBN : National Broadband Network

    NESB : non-English speaking background

    NFSA : National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

    NGOs : non-government organisations

    NIMAA : National Indigenous Media Association of Australia

    NINS : National Indigenous News Service

    NIRS : National Indigenous Radio Service

    NIT : National Indigenous Times

    NITV : National Indigenous Television

    NLA : National Library of Australia

    NM : New Matilda

    NMLS : National Media Liaison Service

    NRL : National Rugby League

    NRN : National Radio News

    NSWCPA : New South Wales Country Press Association

    OAAA : Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia

    OLO : On Line Opinion

    OMA : Outdoor Media Association

    OTC : Overseas Telecommunications Commission

    PANPA : Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association

    PSB : public sector broadcaster

    P2P : peer-to-peer

    PBL : Publishing and Broadcasting Limited

    PMG : Postmaster-General’s Department

    PNQ : Provincial Newspapers (Qld) Ltd

    PPCA : Phonographic Performance Company of Australia

    PR : public relations

    QT : Queensland Times

    RA : Radio Australia

    RABS : Remote Area Broadcast Scheme

    RCA : Radio Corporation of America

    RCTS : Remote Commercial Television Service

    RDA : Regional Dailies of Australia Ltd

    RIBS : Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services

    RIMO : Remote Indigenous Media Organisation

    RN : Radio National

    RPH : Radio for Print Handicapped

    SBS : Special Broadcasting Service

    SLNSW : State Library of New South Wales

    SLSA : State Library of South Australia

    SLV : State Library of Victoria

    SLWA : State Library of Western Australia

    SMH : Sydney Morning Herald

    SPAA : Screen Producers Association of Australia

    SPASM : Singleton, Palmer, Strauss and McAllan

    TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

    TDT : This Day Tonight

    TPC : Trade Practices Commission

    UCA : United Cable Association

    UCB : United Christian Broadcasters of Australia

    UNAA : United Nations Association of Australia

    VAST : Viewer Access Satellite Television

    VCR : video-cassette recorder

    VDT : visual display terminal

    VFL : Victorian Football League

    WAN : West Australian Newspapers Limited

    WSC : World Series Cricket

    WIA : Wireless Institute of Australia

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