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TT. O TT. O i(A18486 works by) ( Pi O ) (a.k.a. P. O.; Peter Oustabasidis; Peter Oustabasides; Pi O; Π.Ο. )
Born: Established: 1951 Katerini, Macedonia,
Western Europe, Europe,
Gender: Male
Arrived in Australia: ca. 22 Jul 1954
Heritage: Greek
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1 Exact/Inexact i "There are exactly 12 eggs", TT. O , 2021 single work poetry
— Appears in: Meanjin , Winter vol. 80 no. 2 2021;
1 The Story of the Kelly Gang 1906 i "From a fallen tree, all", TT. O , 2020 single work poetry
— Appears in: In Your Hands 2020; (p. 89)
1 1 Halley’s Comet i "Mark Twain came to Australia in 1895", TT. O , 2020 single work poetry
— Appears in: The Weekend Australian , 19 December 2020; (p. 18)
1 Fat Facts i "Airplay = Cheesecake", TT. O , 2019 single work poetry
— Appears in: Australian Poetry Journal , vol. 9 no. 1 2019; (p. 82)
1 Enumerables i "An employee's job, is to sell software.", TT. O , 2019 single work poetry
— Appears in: Rabbit , no. 28 2019; (p. 14-17)
1 9 y separately published work icon Heide TT. O , Newcastle : Giramondo Publishing , 2019 17275159 2019 selected work poetry

'Heide is an epic poem about history, painting, painters, patrons and the people who made art happen in Australia — from Louis Buvelot to Edith Rowan, Tom Roberts and Robert Streeton to Vassilief, Nolan, Tucker, Joy Hester, the Boyds, Mirka Mora, and Albert Namatjira, with a particular focus on the artists gathered around Sunday and John Reed at Heide in Melbourne.

'It is a poem that explores the influence of art and poetry on the psyche, and the influence of social class on both, from the upper echelons and industrialists of Melbourne, to the struggle of the working class through such artists as Alisa O’Connor, Noel Counihan and Yosl Bergner. It begins with the foundation of Melbourne, and in its epic scope traverses an encyclopaedic range of subjects, assembled from facts, quotations, proverbs, definitions, historical documents, newspaper accounts and the author’s own reminiscences. 

'Heide is about the poets and artists who put their lives on the line, the Australian preoccupation with landscape, the dominance of a masculinist aesthetic, the sidelining and denigration of Indigenous art, the struggle of women artists to assert their influence and presence, and the impact of migration on Australian culture. 

'It is a long poem made up of almost 300 poems, each bringing to life characters and incidents that are fleshed out in vivid detail and with a dramatic intensity unique in Australian poetry.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 Memo i "a Bomb threat", TT. O , 2019 single work poetry
— Appears in: Solid Air : Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word 2019; (p. 156)
1 On The Genius of Les Murray TT. O , 2019 single work essay
— Appears in: Sydney Review of Books , May 2019;

'The unofficial poet laureate of Australia Les Murray died in April 2019. I first met him at the Adelaide Arts Festival in the early 70s where i asked Ted Hughes did he kill Sylvia Plath, cos i couldn’t see how come he was in Australia out on bail. After a few other confrontations, i found myself alongside Les Murray, and he said that before i left poetry i’d make a big splash — and i remember turning to him and thinking he better not jump in the pool or there won’t be any water left. He may have been a good poet ‘with a genius for language’ as John Kinsella said but he had ‘some terrible politics’. Elsewhere i’ve talked about Les’s supposed decadency from the great James Murray the lexicographer who gave us the dictionary ‘proper’ — more foundation stories? — and my reaction to his appropriating and usurping the ‘ethnic’ debate by taking centre-stage with a book entitled Ethnic Radio. This ‘self-styled bard of the people’ even claimed be a descendant of Aboriginal stock — he seemed to be everything — a great publicist being No 1.'  (Introduction)

1 The BBQ i "The Pushers, the Gangsters", TT. O , 2018 single work poetry
— Appears in: Australian Poetry Journal , vol. 8 no. 2 2018; (p. 30-32)
1 Nights of Excesses i "A Kalashnikov, is an AK-47.", TT. O , 2018 single work poetry
— Appears in: Cordite Poetry Review , August no. 87 2018;
1 1 [Review Essay] Australian Contemporary Poetry TT. O , 2017 single work review essay
— Appears in: Long Paddock , vol. 77 no. 1 2017;

'In the wake of Brexit and the rise of Donald Trumpism (with the underlining racisms and sexisms) Education has turned out to be the new Class divide i.e. a clash of the Ignorant verses the Enlightened. Seems, the Educated fear being ruled by the Ignorant & Know-Nothings, and the Less-Educated fear (as has always been the case) being governed, by the arrogance of intellectual snobs who know next to little-or-nothing of their lives and experiences. It seems (according to the pundits) that people in Britain and the USA are increasingly being shaped (and Voting) according to how long they spent at school. (Sending all the commentators back to their proletarian textbooks presumably). The ancient Greeks knew that for Democracy to work properly, you had to let the Have-Nots get their claws into the Haves every now and then. But with the creeping rise of Corporations, Globalisation, the closing down of local industries in preference to world markets etc. this is becoming less and less possible or likely. It isn’t so surprising when you realise that Economists (from Hayek to Friedman) are all of a piece; seriously believing that Democracy itself is the cause of our “economic ills” producing inflation (no less) at the expense of free-market economics. This new cultural divide is nowhere more obvious however than in the current anthology. The Editors proudly headline the title of their Editorial (on the first page) with the words “A Luminous Field” (with their haloes, presumably) unashamedly parading the “new paradigms” of Australian poetry. This Elitist attitude permeates a lot of Australian anthologies, albeit not as blatantly as this one. It would be instructive to do a statistical breakdown of who and how and how many of those poets in those anthologies (especially pre-1980s) were similarly Degreed.' (Introduction)

1 Miss Higgens (1857-1940) i "Blow out the candles, to see how", TT. O , 2017 single work poetry
— Appears in: Southerly , vol. 76 no. 3 2017; (p. 168-170)
1 Shakespeare and the State Library i "An avalanche", TT. O , 2016 single work poetry
— Appears in: The Best Australian Poems 2016 2016; (p. 134-135)
1 The Powers i "5 to the power of 2.", TT. O , 2016 single work poetry
— Appears in: N-Scribe , no. 11 2016;
1 A Jazz Number i "Some notes, dimple the water.", TT. O , 2016 single work poetry
— Appears in: Southerly , August vol. 76 no. 1 2016; (p. 37)
1 7 y separately published work icon Fitzroy : The Biography TT. O , Melbourne : Collective Effort Press , 2015 8922569 2015 selected work poetry (taught in 1 units)

'Pi O grew up in ‘the Narrows’ of Fitzroy and, in-and-on that ‘tainted corner’ along that ‘terrible mile’ known thru-out Australia as Gertrude St. and Brunswick St. opposite the Champion and Rob Roy Hotels.

'This is a poetry of place (and of, a place), from the perspective of one who grew up there - not by a tour guide, a oncer, do-gooder, academic, apologist, blow-hard, or for that matter a blow in, but by one whose co-ordinates have always been (0, 0). There are over 400 portraits of some of the most important people in Australia - from prime ministers, saints, poets, priests, gangsters, adventurers, sculptors, murderers, and industrialists, as well as of those who may not otherwise have ever, seen the light of day again. A poetry of people, not property prices!

'With all the biographies merging with that of the poet’s own autobiography or biography and visa versa. This is a new kind of history, in a new & old kind of poetry, in a new era. A mammoth achievement in the annuals of Australian literature.' (Publication summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon A Loose Thread 'Thalia' , TT. O (editor), Melbourne : Collective Effort Press , 2015 8900643 2015 selected work poetry
1 What on Earth i "Every S is a P.", TT. O , 2015 single work poetry
— Appears in: N-Scribe , no. 9 2015;
1 y separately published work icon Ah Yet TT. O , Melbourne : Collective Effort Press , 2015 14407997 2015 selected work poetry
1 On 'n' off i "it was On", TT. O , 2014 single work poetry
— Appears in: The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry 2014; (p. 404)