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1 y separately published work icon Growing Up in Flames Zach Jones , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23221529 2022 single work novel

'I’ve heard of Noah the way you hear about car accidents. A series of whispers, theories and rumours…

'Kenna’s mother Ava was killed in a bushfire not long ago. Now Kenna’s living with her uncle and his young family in the small town where Ava grew up, and she feels like an intruder.

'Noah’s mother has a mental illness that makes him both carer and jailer—constantly watchful, keeping things on an even keel.

'One night Kenna sees the general store on fire, and a boy standing watching as it burns. It takes her a while to notice he’s holding a petrol can, but then things move fast. She’s tackled him and run off with his bag before she even knows what’s happened.

'The bag belongs to Noah, and he really wants it back. Kenna wants something too. To make someone else burn the way her mum did. And there’s something she doesn’t know: how Noah can help her find out the truth about her family.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon My Accidental Career Brenda Niall , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23221428 2022 single work autobiography

'Brenda Niall, arguably Australia’s foremost biographer, looks back on her own life and the circumstances, events and choices that shaped her career.

'My Accidental Career spans nine decades, from her childhood in the Melbourne suburb of Kew—where powerful neighbours included prime minister Menzies, millionaire gambler John Wren and Archbishop Daniel Mannix—to her university days, her first job writing reviews for a magazine and her travels in Ireland after breaking off her engagement to a suitable young man. It’s a lively account of academic life at the newly established Monash University in the 1960s, a time when women were rare in university departments and even more rarely promoted, the snakes and ladders ups and downs of her time in the US, and of her charting new territory in Australian biography with acclaimed works on artists, writers and leaders.

'Brenda Niall’s career isn’t one of struggle against the odds in a man’s world but one of quiet, confident work that couldn’t be ignored. Her Jane Austen-like wit and elegant prose enlivens this story of Australian women’s history seen through the lens of her remarkable life.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon The Novel Project The Novel Project : A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Novel, Memoir or Biography Graeme Simsion , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23221329 2022 single work non-fiction criticism

'Save the drama for the story.

'‘Writing is easy: all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.’ Variously attributed to Thomas Wolfe, Paul Gallico and Ernest Hemingway, the quote portrays writing as mysterious, romantic and, implicitly, unteachable. This book is about another approach, based on established theories of creativity and design—and on the experience of authors who have adopted a more structured and reliable process.

'It’s aimed at those who want to write a book for publication, or at least one that others will want to read. It could have been called What They Don’t Teach You in Writing School, because its focus is on the writing process as a whole: it treats writing a book as a step-by-step project.

'Easy to follow, practical and highly entertaining, The Novel Project is the inside scoop from an author who started his writing career at fifty and whose novels have sold millions of copies around the world. It will help you craft the best book you’re capable of—no blood on forehead required.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon Fish Out of Water Kate Hendrick , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23221109 2022 single work novel young adult

'Finn the Swimmer. Finn the Winner. Finn who works hard and pushes through and never gives up.

'Or just Finn. And whatever Finn could be.

'Life is pretty simple for fifteen-year-old Finn: just keep following the black line in the pool. But in a moment it all changes: distracted by a familiar face in the crowd, he falters on the blocks and loses not just the race, but the single-minded focus that has driven him this far.

'Did he really see what he thinks he saw? It doesn’t seem possible—not after what happened—but now Finn can’t stop wondering, and everything is starting to unravel. For the first time, he’s got no idea what he’s supposed to do or who he’s supposed to listen to. His bossy older sister, Connie, who wants to know the truth? The whip-smart and unforgiving Aaliyah? Or the unflappable Loki, who gets Finn like no one else ever has?

'It turns out that in life there’s no such thing as a simple choice. And sometimes there’s no choice at all.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon The Grass Hotel Craig Sherborne , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23220914 2022 single work novel

'Carry me, son. Do not leave me behind.

'Are you listening to me?

'Of course you’re listening, you say, and add the F-word. Off you go to cope with a storm. Lucerne armfuls for horses. For cows, plain hay.

'Alone in the paddocks of his grass hotel a man tends to his beloved horses, Socks and Boy. The voice of his mother—accusatory, fragmenting from dementia—haunts his every move, an excoriating reminder of his failures in the world of people.

'The Grass Hotel is a story of damage and repair, of familial obligation and the resentments it can cause. It is also about the profound comfort that a connection with animals can offer.

'With its extraordinary use of language, Craig Sherborne’s novel is by turns savage and tender, raw and poetic: a small masterpiece.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon The Competition Katherine Collette , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2022 23220739 2022 single work novel

'Frances quite honestly isn’t that excited about the SpeechMakers annual national conference and public-speaking competition. What she’s excited about (relatively speaking) is that this year there’s a major prize. Frances has a few small problems and forty thousand dollars would go a long way to sorting them out.

'Keith is Frances’s probably-ex-mentor, it’s hard to tell since she’s not talking to him, and he disapproves of the prize money. He thinks SpeechMakers should be about self-improvement, not self-enrichment. He wants to win the competition, though. He thinks it might help the situation with his wife Linda.

'Neil doesn’t care about the competition at all but Judy, his mother and coach, does, so.

'And Rebecca…

'Actually, what the hell is Rebecca doing here? Rebecca belongs to Frances’s past, not her present. And certainly not her (hopefully) less-disastrous future.

'Katherine Collette, author of the hilarious The Helpline, returns with another sharply observed comedy of manners and a cast of loveable underachievers, headed for self-improvement despite themselves.'

Source : publisher's blurb

7 13 y separately published work icon Inner Workings : Literary Essays 2000-2005 J. M. Coetzee , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 Z1359603 2007 selected work essay

In this collection of 21 essays introduced by Derek Attridge, most of which have been published in the New York Review of Books, Coetzee reveals his skill as a literary critic in his own right.

7 93 y separately published work icon Lilian's Story Kate Grenville , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 Z1039066 1985 single work novel (taught in 5 units)

Madness, cruelty and sexuality permeate the house where she grew up, but Lilian's sights are set on education, love and - finally - her own transcendent forms of independence. Lilian Singer, who starts life at the beginning of the twentieth century as the daughter of a prosperous middle-class Australian family and ends it as a cheerfully eccentric bag-lady living on the streets, quoting Shakespeare for a living.

9 y separately published work icon Stranger Shores : Essays 1986 - 1999 J. M. Coetzee , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 6323764 2001 selected work essay

'This volume gathers together for the first time in book form twenty-nine pieces on books, writing, photography and the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. Stranger Shores opens with What is a Classic? in which Coetzee explores the answer to his own question -'What does it mean in living terms to say that the classic is what survives?' -by way of TS Eliot, JS Bach and Zbigniew Herbert. His subjects range from eighteenth and nineteenth century writers Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson and Ivan Turgenev, to the great German modernists Rilke, Kafka, and Musil, to the giants of late twentieth century literature, among them Harry Mulisch, Joseph Brodsky, Jorge Luis Borges, Salman Rushdie, Amos Oz, Naguib Mahfouz, Nadine Gordimer and Doris Lessing.' (Publisher's summary)

1 y separately published work icon If Not Us Mark Smith , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 22444196 2021 single work novel young adult

'He’d always accepted the mine and power station were part of Shelbourne. On still nights, the thrum of the turbines echoed down the valley and melded with the sound of the ocean until you couldn’t tell them apart.

'Hesse lives a small coastal town, where a coalmine and power station are a part of the scenery, and a part of the ever-growing problem of climate change. His mum is a member of a local environmental group campaigning to close the mine and shut down the power station. It’s a no-brainer, of course, but Hesse is more interested in surfing—and in Fenna, the new exchange student from the Netherlands.

'But when someone seems to be trying to derail the campaign, and his friends’ families face losing their jobs, Hesse begins to realise that things are complex.

'Even though he’s reluctant to step into the spotlight, with Fenna’s encouragement he decides it’s time to make a stand. Because some things are too important to leave to everyone else. And even one small, nervous voice can make a difference.

'When Hesse agrees to speak at a protest meeting he has no idea of the storm he is about to unleash.

'If Not Us is Mark Smith’s first standalone YA novel following his hugely successful Winter trilogy. It’s another great story with an engaging and relatable protagonist, as well as an impassioned plea for climate-change action that will inspire and empower readers of all ages.' (Publication summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon Doing Politics : Writing on Public Life Judith Brett , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 22129446 2021 selected work essay

'A brilliant collection of the best essays by award-winning writer Judith Brett, long revered by those in the know as Australia's brightest and most astute political commentator.

'Since the 1980s Judith Brett has been helping to shape Australians' conversations about politics, bringing a historian's eye to contemporary issues and probing the psychology of our prime ministers. Her writings about Liberal Party leaders have been widely influential, especially her famous 1984 essay 'Robert Menzies' Forgotten People' and her prize-winning book of the same name, as well as her analysis of John Howard's nationalism.

'She has interrogated some our most perplexing issues- multiculturalism, the politics of rural Australia, the republic, mining and climate change, our electoral traditions, the way ordinary people do politics, the decline of universities. Always she writes as a citizen for her fellow citizens, in her distinctive voice- probing, accessible and wry.

'Doing Politics brings together the finest essays by the author of The Enigmatic Mr DeakinFrom Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage and the Quarterly Essay 'The Coal Curse'.' (Publication summary)

1 5 y separately published work icon How to End a Story : Diaries 1995–1998 Helen Garner , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 22129274 2021 single work diary

'The third instalment of diaries from the inimitable Helen Garner covers four eventful years in the life of one of Australia's most treasured writers.

'Helen Garner's third volume of diaries is an account of a woman fighting to hold on to a marriage that is disintegrating around her.

'Living with a great writer who is consumed by his work, and trying to find a place for her own spirit to thrive, she rails against the confines while desperate to find the truth in their relationship-and the truth of her own self.

'This is a harrowing story, a portrait of the messy, painful, dark side of love lost, of betrayal and sadness and the sheer force of a woman's anger. But it is also a story of resilience and strength, strewn with sharp insight, moments of joy and hope, the immutable ties of motherhood and the regenerative power of a room of one's own.' (Publication summary)

1 3 y separately published work icon The Way It Is Now Garry Disher , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 22129190 2021 single work novel crime

'A stunning new standalone crime novel from one of Australia's most revered writers

'Set in a beach-shack town an hour from Melbourne, The Way It Is Now tells the story of a burnt-out cop named Charlie Deravin.

'Charlie is living in his family's holiday house, on forced leave since he made a mess of things at work.

'Things have never been easy for Charlie. Twenty years earlier his mother went missing in the area, believed murdered. His father has always been the main suspect, though her body was never found.

'Until now- the foundations are being dug for a new house on a vacant block. The skeletal remains of a child and an adult are found-and Charlie's past comes crashing in on him.

'The Way It Is Now is the enthralling new novel by Garry Disher, one of Australia's most loved and celebrated crime writers.'(Publication summary)

1 5 y separately published work icon Bodies of Light Jennifer Down , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21962879 2021 single work novel

'Jennifer Down cements her status as a leading light of Australian literary fiction in this heart-rending and intimate saga of one woman's turbulent life

'So by the grace of a photograph that had inexplicably gone viral, Tony had found me. Or—he'd found Maggie.

'I had no way of knowing whether he was nuts or not; whether he might go to the cops. Maybe that sounds paranoid, but I don't think it's so ridiculous. People have gone to prison for much lesser things than accusations of child-killing.

'A quiet, small-town existence. An unexpected Facebook message, jolting her back to the past. A history she's reluctant to revisit- dark memories and unspoken trauma, bruised thighs and warning knocks on bedroom walls, unfathomable loss.

'She became a new person a long time ago. What happens when buried stories are dragged into the light?

'This epic novel from the two-time Sydney Morning Herald Young Novelist of the Year is a masterwork of tragedy and heartbreak-the story of a life in full. Sublimely wrought in devastating detail, Bodies of Light confirms Jennifer Down as one of the writers defining her generation.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon The Attack Catherine Jinks , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21556569 2021 single work novel

'Robyn Ayres works as the camp caretaker on Finch Island, a former leper colony off the coast of Queensland. Her current clients are a group of ex-military men who run a tough-love program for troubled teens.

'The latest crop looks like the usual mix of bad boys and sad boys. Then Robyn takes a second look at a kid called Darren. Last time she saw him his name was Aaron, and Robyn was his primary school teacher. And she was somehow at the centre of a vicious small-town custody battle involving his terrifying grandmother.

'Bruising classroom dynamics, manipulative parents and carers and horrendous small-town politics form the backdrop to a nail-biting thriller in which the tensions of ten years ago start to play themselves out, building to a violent climax in the present day.

'Robyn escaped the past once. Now it’s back—and this time there’s no way out.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Bailey Finch Takes a Stand Ingrid Laguna , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21556493 2021 single work children's fiction children's

'Bailey’s mum had always said that being by the creek with Bailey and her dad was as good as it gets. She had shown Bailey sap glistening on tree trunks. They had crouched together to nudge a beetle onto a leaf. They had sat on the creek’s edge with their bare feet in the water.

'It’s one year since Bailey’s mum died. And her dad doesn’t seem to care much about anything. But Bailey still spends afternoons by the creek with her dog, Sheba.

'Until Sheba gets sick—very sick—from something she must have swallowed while swimming in the creek. And Bailey notices all the rubbish polluting the waterway.

'Between visits to Sheba in the vet hospital, Bailey tries to find a way to make the creek safe for Sheba and other animals. And through her unexpected friendship with Israel, a quiet boy who knows about endangered species, Bailey Finch finds the courage to take a stand.

'Bailey Finch Takes a Stand is a moving story about love and loss, about caring for the environment and standing up to make change happen.' (Publication summary)

1 3 y separately published work icon Red Heaven Nicolas Rothwell , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21543852 2021 single work novel

'A monumental and gripping story, Red Heaven is a glamorous tale of a child with two fascinating and domineering guardians, inspired by the author's own childhood.

'Red Heaven is the story of a child's journey to adulthood, his loss of those he loves and his fixing of them in memory. It begins in the late 1960s in Switzerland, as the unnamed narrator's ideas about life are being shaped by two compelling rival influences, the architects of his youth.

'These are his so-called aunts-imperious, strong-willed, ambitious-both determined to make the boy into their own heir, a believer in their values. In self-contained episodes, each set in an alpine grand hotel, we see one aunt and then the other seek to educate their protege by imparting their experiences.

'Serghiana, the 'red princess', is the daughter of a Soviet general, a producer of films and worshipper of art, a true believer. Ady, a former actress and singer, is a dilettante and cynic, Viennese, married to a great conductor- in her eyes, life is nothing but an affair of surfaces; truth and beauty are mere illusions.

'The aunts and all those in their orbit are exiles, without a home, at the mercy of outside political events. They strive to see what lies beyond the chance events and intersections of their lives. Their allegiances shift. Their stories deepen- gradually the child comes to understand the shadows in their past.

'Memory and nostalgia-the aunts' gifts to him, gifts of obligation-are the purest expression of love allowed them. These stories stay with the boy, guiding his beliefs and his path in life, until he can grow up and absorb the influences of the world around him, and become himself.

'Red Heaven is about the people who make us what we- how they come into our lives, instruct or affect us, then depart the stage. This fiction, with its affinity for the elusive beauties and sadnesses of the world, is Nicolas Rothwell's finest achievement.'

1 y separately published work icon The Long Game Simon Rowell , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21543613 2021 single work novel crime

'A tightly-wound debut crime novel set in Melbourne and surrounds, for fans of Sarah Bailey, Garry Disher and J. M. Green

'A summer of relentless heat. A local surfer named Ray Carlson is found dead in a house not far from Portsea back beach. There's a silver-handled kitchen knife deep in his chest, and blood everywhere.

'She is scarcely back from extended leave, and still wrestling with her demons, but Detective Sergeant Zoe Mayer is assigned the case, along with her offsider Charlie Shaw.

'And her service dog Harry, who goes everywhere with her, and has his own detective skills.

'There's an obvious suspect for the murder, and Zoe makes an arrest. But it's all too neat, and Zoe thinks she can a see a pattern forming, even if none of her colleagues believes her theory that the whole thing is a stitch up.
Except now someone is trying to hunt Zoe down.

'Superbly plotted, and vividly set in the beachside suburbs and hilly retreats around Melbourne, The Long Game is a mystery about a tough and clever investigator who won't give up.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon The Wingmaker Mette Jakobsen , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 21539598 2021 single work novel

'A mesmerizing otherworldly tale about love, memory and redemption from a masterly Australian storyteller

'The crumbling marble angel is Vega's most ambitious restoration project yet, but she thinks she can manage it, if she could just find somewhere to house the 500-kilo statue while she works. Her father, Vince, has the solution- the abandoned Seafarers' Hotel, which sits alone at the end of a winding coastal road, offers both the space and quiet Vega craves.

'The hotel also holds other surprises, however. The chandeliers are home to dive-bombing canaries, the ballroom occasionally hosts a troupe of tango-dancing farmers, and one of the bedrooms is occupied by an inept handyman who might be even more broken than Vega.

'As Vega restores the fragile angel to its former glory, can she also find a way to pick up the pieces of her life and begin anew?' (Publication summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon The Beautiful Fall Hugh Breakey , Melbourne : Text Publishing , 2021 20982072 2021 single work novel

'Read this now. Right now. Don’t even think of going near that door. Not until you know what’s going on. Your name is Robert Penfold. Age 31. The apartment you’re standing in is your home.

'Every 179 days Robbie forgets everything. He knows this because last time it happened he wrote himself a letter explaining it. The disorientation. The fear. The bizarre circumstances imposed by the rare neurological condition he lives with.

'To survive the forgetting—to cope with his recurring loss of identity—Robbie leads a solitary, regimented life. Lives alone. Speaks to no one if he can avoid it. Works to complete a strange herculean task set for him by his former self.

'And then, with twelve days left before his next forgetting, Julie invades his life. Young, beautiful—the only woman he can ever remember meeting.

'As the hour draws near, Robbie is forced to confront the fact that his past is very different from how he had imagined it. And when Julie reveals her own terrible secret, he must find a way to come to terms with the truth about himself.

'The Beautiful Fall is a cinematic, page-turning romance. Both an intriguing puzzle and a compulsively readable love story, it will sweep you away.' (Publication summary)