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1 y separately published work icon Monstrous P. S. Cottier , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2020 20991943 2020 selected work poetry

'Monstrous contains some famous creatures. You will find poems about Mary Shelley’s monster, who writes a new ending to his story. There are also lesser known monstrosities, such as sharks that eat suns, kings who wear crowns decorated with eyes, evil fairies, and the dubious future of the game of cricket. Garden gnomes, in all their hideous whimsy, keep popping up. They are even found on the moon. Travel there with a nineteenth century adventurer on a steam-engine, along with some hidden aliens. Monsters take many forms, both disturbing and amusing. The horrible and the hilarious walk together in this book.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Rock at the Roadside Saeko Ogi , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2020 20991566 2020 selected work poetry

'Poet and artist Saeko Ogi's latest collection, Rock by the Roadside, features an array of Japanese poems in translation, with the assistance of Amelia Fielden, and travels from her life in Japan to her more recent experiences in Australia. There is peace to be found in gardens and many tanka dotted throughout this collection illustrate how Saeko—who is living on the banks of a lake—is inspired by her environment.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Outer Space, Inner Minds David P. Reiter (editor), Carindale : Interactive Press , 2020 20991267 2020 anthology short story

'Ever since humans have looked up, we have been mesmerised by the changeable wonders of an evening sky.

'Even more so, they have speculated on the celestial objects that we can see with a naked eye and those beyond the reach of our most powerful telescopes and space probes. We continue ask is there life beyond our fragile atmosphere, our solar system, our galaxy—or are we alone, a cosmic accident in an otherwise lifeless universe? And, if other lifeforms do exist on moons or distant exoplanets elsewhere, what form/s does it take? Is it intelligent, more or less so than we humans are?

'The sheer volume of unknowns involved with exploring what might be out there seems daunting to many of us, but this only makes our scientists and the adventurers all the more determined to find answers to the most challenging questions that will engage generations well into the foreseeable future.

'For this anthology, we asked artists to respond creatively not only to these cosmic questions but also from an internal angle, from the perspective of a mind trying to make sense of elusive notions of “reality” in time and space, and who we are in the scheme of things. We offered them the freedom to present us with work on and beyond the printed page. So here you’ll find not only stimulating words, but images and audio, and thought-provoking links to external websites that will prompt you to further explore the frontiers of our constantly expanding universe and our responses to it.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Power of Women Jane Daoud , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2020 19667925 2020 selected work poetry

'While women account for 50% of the population they only occupy around 0.5% of recorded history. When pre-history turned into history, and, as new civilisations expanded, society became more militarised, and the story of “humanity” was often filtered through male perspectives. So the tales of many strong and powerful women became stifled and forgotten.

'It’s time to restore the stories of feisty, courageous, and athletic females into the historical narrative. It’s time to reconsider what it means for men and women to be human and to seek to excel. Jane Daoud’s The Power of Women takes an important step toward that goal.'

(Source: publisher's blurb)

1 y separately published work icon Time Lords Remixed David P. Reiter , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2020 18572960 2020 selected work poetry

'Arguably the most literary of science fiction shows, Dr Who has adapted its time lords and cast of companions and alien threats to audiences across the globe for more than 50 years.

'In Time Lords Remixed unapologetic Whovian and digital artist David P. Reiter reimagines the voices of time lords, especially Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker, through a poetic and image remix that spans 50 episodes and includes associative internet links that build on his Western Australian Premier’s Award-winning title Timelord Dreaming.

'Read, view, and, via the digital edition, listen, interact – and be amazed!'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Dark Sky Dreamings : An Inland Skywriters Anthology Merrill Findlay (editor), Carindale : Interactive Press , 2019 18572877 2019 anthology poetry short story poetry

'When you look up at a midnight sky, what do you see—mottled stars and a full Moon trying hard to compete with the street lamps for your attention? You might be situated in a city, or its sprawling suburbs, where the ever-present urban glow tends to keep your gaze horizontal, missing out on the beckoning mysteries of the Universe.

'This Skywriters anthology will change all that. Through the eyes and creativity of people who write about south-eastern inland Australia, we’ll redirect your vision upwards to a brighter Moon, the subtle presence of nearby planets, the cosmic spectacular of our Milky Way galaxy and those celestial bodies even further away.

'You’ll find inspiring stories, poems and essays by a great diversity of Australians responding to what some have called the ‘Inland Astro-Trail’, which connects rural and remote communities with world-class astronomical observatories such as those at Parkes, Siding Springs and Narrabri. Some skystories are “literary”, others intensely personal, but all are guaranteed to widen your horizons—upwards!'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Tuning Wordsworth's Piano Jane Simpson , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2019 16985773 2019 selected work poetry
1 y separately published work icon Moonrise Over the Siding Hazel Hall (editor), Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 15491452 2018 anthology poetry

'Moonrise Over the Siding offers poems of intimacy, keen observation, poignancy, awareness and use of all the senses and occasionally, wry humour. The collection is organised in themed sections, each headlined with a thoughtfully selected artwork by Robert Tingey that informs and illustrates the title of each section. Each section contains individual tanka and longer works, including tanka prose, renga and tanka and haiku sequences.

'Hall's individual tanka capture the nuances of nature, relationships, situations, occasions and people. Music plays a subtle but important role in many poems, with its power to invoke a setting and use as metaphor. The poet's sensitivity and awareness is apparent in each carefully composed poem. When writing with other poets, there is a keen sense of communication and empathy between each of the poets, while each maintains a separate style.'  (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Dandelions for Bhabha Clara A.B. Joseph , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 14805574 2018 selected work poetry
1 y separately published work icon Serpent's Wake : A Tale for the Bitten L.E. Daniels , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 14805475 2018 single work novel fantasy

'After twelve years trapped in the throat of a serpent, a girl escapes. She returns to her village naked with a monstrous snakeskin trailing behind her. One decision at a time, she reclaims her life. Each character she encounters by land and sea—brute, healer, orphan, mystic, lover—reflects an unhealed aspect of herself and plots her recovery through symbolic milestones. Serpent’s Wake is intended for adults and young adults exploring how, once fractured, we may mend.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Black Books Publishing : A Novel David P. Reiter , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 14805384 2018 single work novel

'PhD student Dylan Cashew abandons his thesis on D. H. Lawrence for the uncertain world of top secret aerospace editing, college teaching and then independent publishing. Dogged and even mentored by Lawrence and others from parallel Dimensions, Dylan finds himself immersed in a publishing venture that, with aid of his PR-savvy wife, interjections from the Internet, and a bottomless supply of scotch, nearly goes under before he receives an offer from a Chinese conglomerate that may be too good to refuse. If you’re an author, published or unpublished, or wished you were one – or someone who’s worked in publishing, or wished you could – this book is for you.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Postcult Heart : Love Poems for a Lost World Susan Bradley Smith , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 14805340 2018 selected work poetry
1 y separately published work icon Amethysts and Emeralds Daniel King , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2018 14256146 2018 selected work poetry

'Amethysts and Emeralds is a selection of Daniel King's awardwinning poetry, much of which has been published in journals around the world. The poems embrace a wide variety of forms, from free verse to sonnet, roundel, villanelle, and sestina.' (Publication summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon Small Acts of Purpose E. A. Gleeson , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2017 15511624 2017 selected work poetry
1 y separately published work icon Just Off Message : A 20th Year Anthology David P. Reiter (editor), Carindale : Interactive Press , 2017 14254476 2017 anthology poetry

'From the ashes of the Penguin Australia Poetry Series, a new publishing house took wing. New and emerging creators, as well as established voices sought an independent publishing house with a global vision and an innovative approach. They found IP.

'Now, 20 years on, more than forty creators return to celebrate the survival of this maverick venture with the very best of work past, current and future. Their message to you is that independent publishing houses like IP are, and always will be, an essential part of the cultural landscape even in the face of globalisation and aspiring robots.

'Who are these daring writers whose work is Just off Message?

'You know how to find them.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Copyart Murders Geoffrey Gates , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2015 8512641 2015 single work novel crime detective

'Blake Knox, a young Australian working on his novel in France, ­finds himself in a police cell, caught up in a crime that echoes scenes from his own manuscript. As Inspecteur Sauveur pores over the details of the case, the facts ceaselessly point to the author. Blake’s secret liaison with an Icelandic beauty and the intimate familiarity of the Provence setting of his manuscript are only the beginning…

'Will Blake be jailed for a murder he believed was just part of a good story? And what his fiancée will make of all this?'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Timelord Dreaming : Tweetems from Ward 8b David P. Reiter , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2015 8360247 2015 selected work poetry

'You wake in the middle of the night with a terrible pain radiating from your lower side up to your chest. An ambulance is called, and you’re rationed ever increasing doses of morphine on your way to the hospital. In the EW, a heart attack is ruled out but the mystery intensifies. Until a CT scan reveals the truth...

“You”, in this case, was the author, who, with the kindness of a Dr Who understudy and other medical staff at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane, survived a urgent operation and had many medicated days to reflect on an often surreal experience.

'Timelord Dreaming uses “tweetems”, microtexts with Internet call-outs, to recreate one man’s journey through the parallel universes of patient and personal identity. If you’ve ever been hospitalised, you'll find much that is familiar – and not always comfortable – here. ' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon In My Days and In My Sleep Rebecca Kylie Law , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2015 14254520 2015 selected work poetry

'Rebecca Kylie Law’s poems reflect her views as a practising Catholic while contemplating subjects ranging from nature and love to philosophy and social history. She captures elements of the creation – flowers, animals, birds, trees – so their beauty can be brought to the ecstatic in accordance with the unity of the Trinity.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Diggings Are Silent : And Other Australian Stories Wendy Evans , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2014 8368562 2014 selected work short story

'This lively collection of short stories covers a diverse range of categories, including historical fiction as in ‘The Diggings Are Silent’, contemporary humour as in ‘Tell It To The Marines’, and gothic fantasy as in ‘The Boy’. All stories are highly original and succeed in amusing or shocking the reader. There is more than a hint of larrikinism permeating the pages especially in the historical tales. The contemporary stories highlight modern foibles while the fantasy stories are confidently written with a strong touch of black humour.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Kafiristan Ross Howard , Carindale : Interactive Press , 2014 8142793 2014 single work novel

'This is a story of friendship, betrayal and retribution. We follow the fortunes of Ahmed Taseer, a boy from an isolated mountain village in Afghanistan. When a close friend is orphaned and seized by the Taliban to become a suicide bomber, Ahmed and his friend Haziz retaliate.

'Kafiristan explores how opposition to radical religion and narcissistic power can trigger events that can take a boy to the other side of the world.

'In Australia, Ahmed navigates the fate of asylum seekers, assimilates into a foreign culture and becomes a man. He questions ingrained religious perceptions and finds that his past must be resolved before he can embrace his new life.' (Publication summary)