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Born: Established: 1973 Lindfield, Chatswood - Gordon - Castlecrag area, Sydney Northern Suburbs, Sydney, New South Wales, ; Died: Ceased: 2008 Lindfield, Chatswood - Gordon - Castlecrag area, Sydney Northern Suburbs, Sydney, New South Wales,
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Everyday Brave series - publisher

'Everyday Brave profiles Indigenous Australians who have fought daily battles against discrimination, apathy and ignorance to make a real difference.

They come from across the country, bush and city, mission and coastal town. Highly regarded within their own communities, they have remained largely unknown to the mainstream until now. Although their achievements spread across the fields of arts, commerce, education, health and politics, all these people are defined by their unwavering commitment to Australia's Indigenous peoples and the promotion of Indigenous rights, culture and identity.

In six half-hour episodes, a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous filmmakers introduces us to some remarkable individuals. Each has made a significant contribution to society at large and to their people in particular.

Their stories tell of lives marked by long struggles and hardship, lightened by joy and humour. In this series, they recall their beginnings, ambitions, frustrations and the changes they have helped create. They share with us their unique perspectives and their ideas for the future.' Source: (Sighted 28/2/08)

1 form y separately published work icon The Real Mary Poppins Lisa Matthews , ( dir. Lisa Matthews ) Australia : Entertainment One Film Australia , 2013 7509359 2013 single work film/TV
1 5 form y separately published work icon Unfolding Florence : The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst Katherine Thomson , ( dir. Gillian Armstrong ) 2006 Australia Lindfield : Becker Entertainment Film Australia , 2006 Z1311136 2006 single work film/TV

This film reveals the many lives of one larger-than-life woman: flamboyant design pioneer Florence Broadhurst. Born in outback Australia in 1899, Florence was a singer and dancer in Shanghai in the '20s and ran her own fashion boutique in London in the '30s, before sweeping into Sydney society as a painter and charity queen. But it was in her last incarnation that she really made her mark, shaking up conservative Australia with her bold, exotic wallpaper designs. Now, with her prints in huge demand internationally, the times have finally caught up with this glamorous, complicated, unconventional woman, whose brutal murder in 1977 has never been solved.

1 form y separately published work icon Rosie Debbie Carmody , Roy Morseu , ( dir. Debbie Carmody ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 2004 Z1365407 2004 single work film/TV 'In 1961, at the age of two, Rosalie Fraser was taken from her Aboriginal family by the Western Australian Child Welfare Department and made a ward of the state. Together with her sister Beverly, she was fostered to a family named Kelly. For years, Rosalie suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her foster mother. When the abuse got too much Rosalie ran away, but her foster mother was always able to coax her back. Rosalie finally left the Kelly family for good when she met a young Aboriginal man called Stan, whom she later married.
Reunited with her sister in an emotional encounter, they decided to trace their birth mother. Although they found her, tragically for Rosalie, the separation had been too great. Despite the abuse, Mrs. Kelly remained the only mother she ever really knew. But after Mrs. Kelly's death, Rosalie realised she needed to come to terms with her traumatic childhood. Against the odds, she has built a happy family life of her own, overcome a literacy problem and written a memoir, Shadow Child'. (Libraries Australia).
1 form y separately published work icon Stranger in My Skin Darlene Johnson , ( dir. Darlene Johnson ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 2002 Z1475751 2002 single work film/TV

'Ray Cotti was born to Aboriginal parents but adopted at a young age by a Swiss German family in Sydney. Growing up in a European culture, he thought of himself as white. Then at the age of eight, Ray was removed from his adoptive family and, after living in a series of institutions, placed in foster care. By the time he was in his teens, confusion about his identity was taking a devastating toll. This is a portrait of a young man on a journey of self-discovery, searching for his origins. Now an active member of an Indigenous community with a family of his own, he has found a sense of belonging. His journey is far from over but Ray Cotti is finally at home in his own skin.'

Source: (Sighted: 28/02/2008).

1 1 form y separately published work icon The Trouble with Merle Maree Delfoski , ( dir. Maree Delfoski ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 2002 Z1030160 2002 single work film/TV

'Merle Oberon was one of the biggest movie stars of the 1930s and 1940s. Studio publicists said she was born into a wealthy family in Hobart, Tasmania - Australia's island state. Yet rumour was that the exotic almond-eyed actress concealed her true past. It was said she was actually 'oriental', perhaps Anglo-Indian, and born in Calcutta. In Tasmania, many remain convinced she was their island's most famous daughter, born not to wealthy parents but to a Chinese hotel worker and her married employer. The Trouble with Merle looks at celebrity, memory, identity, race and class...and at why Merle Oberon's origins mattered to people on a tiny island, in a country at the bottom of the world.'

(Source: Film Australia,

1 form y separately published work icon Thomson of Arnhem Land Michael Cummins , ( dir. John Moore ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 2000 Z1584010 2000 single work film/TV 'This is an account of the career of Donald Thomson, an anthropologist and advocate of Aboriginal self-determination, with a comprehensive understanding of Aboriginal material culture and way of life. He lived with the Yolgnu in the Northern Territory establishing great rapport with Yolgnu leader and warrior Wonggu. He later lived with the Pintupi (Bindupi) in South Australia, opposing the establishment of the Woomera Rocket Range. His support of Aboriginal culture placed him in opposition academically and philosophically to other anthropologists such as A.P. Elkin, and politically to government policies of the day.' Sourced: (Sighted 04/05/2009)
1 1 form y separately published work icon Sadness : A Monologue William Yang , Tony Ayres , ( dir. Tony Ayres ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 1999 Z1000591 1999 single work film/TV (taught in 3 units) Based on photographer William Yang's one-man stage show, Sadness is a journey into the past and a heartbreaking testament to the significant traces people leave behind. Through the use of slides, oral history, and stylised recreations, Yang investigates the murder of his uncle Fang Yuen in the sugar cane fields of northern Queensland. Running alongside this narrative is a series of moving portraits of the many friends and lovers Yang has lost to AIDS. What emerges is a powerful requiem for the dead and a moving portrayal of the legacy that family and friends leave with the living.
1 3 form y separately published work icon Bush Mechanics David Batty , Francis Jupurrula Kelly , ( dir. David Batty ) Lindfield Yuendumu Australia : Film Australia Warlpiri Media Association ABC Television , 1998 Z1662471 1998 series - publisher film/TV humour (taught in 4 units)

'This off-beat series follows the exploits of the Bush Mechanics, a group of engaging Aboriginal characters, as they travel through central Australia.

'In each episode, the Bush Mechanics from the remote Warlpiri community of Yuendumu are presented with a new set of challenges - catching a car thief, getting a nephew out of jail, racing to an outback rock concert and travelling thousands of miles to gather pearl shells for a rainmaking ceremony. As they travel through the desert in their clapped-out vehicles, they solve multiple car problems with wacky and inventive bush repair techniques.'

Source: ABC TV Documentaries ( (Sighted: 12/10/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon Return to Jupiter David Ogilvy , ( dir. Robert Klenner ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 1997 Z1844458 1997 series - publisher film/TV children's science fiction young adult

In this sequel to David Ogilvy's Escape from Jupiter, the colonists are preparing to return to a newly established mining colony on Ganymede, Jupiter's moon. The journey is rendered more dangerous by instability and tensions among the crew members, a malfunctioning computer, a stowaway, and the various dangers of space itself (such as asteroids).

As with Ogilvy's previous work, the focus is strongly on the child protagonists, rather than the adult characters.

2 7 form y separately published work icon Mabo : Life of an Island Man Jonathon Holmes , ( dir. Trevor Graham ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 1997 Z946556 1997 single work film/TV biography (taught in 1 units)

A documentary that explores the life of Eddie Mabo, whose struggle for land rights, and his remarkable life in general, had a profound effect on Indigenous rights in Australia. It tells the story of an island man so passionate about family and home that he fought an entire nation and its legal system. Though he died before his great victory was won, it has forever ensured his place on Murray Island and in Australian history. Mabo effectively challenged the notion of terra nullus, which asserted that Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders did not have a system of legal ownership predating white settlement. He devoted his life to a fight to gain legal recognition of his right to own ancestral land and his family home in the Murray Islands. Mabo died of cancer just five months before the High Court's historic decision.

1 y separately published work icon Ruby Langford Ginibi Robin Hughes (interviewer), Lindfield : Film Australia , 1997 Z819004 1997 single work interview Ruby Langford Ginibi talks about her life, family and her writing.
1 4 form y separately published work icon An Imaginary Life : David Malouf : The Inner World of an Extraordinary Writer Don Featherstone (director), Lindfield Sydney Australia : Film Australia RM Associates ABC Television , 1997 Z339703 1997 single work film/TV

In 1996, Australian author David Malouf's Remembering Babylon was considered by the IMPAC literary judges to be the best novel written by anyone, anywhere, in any language, in the last three years. The interviews with Malouf reveal his underlying belief that we have the ability to transform ourselves and change the way things are.

1 2 form y separately published work icon From Sand to Celluloid Australian Film Commission. Indigenous Branch , Film Australia (publisher), SBS (publisher), 1996 Canberra Australia Lindfield : Australian Film Commission SBS Television Film Australia , 1996 Z1583394 1996 series - publisher film/TV (taught in 3 units)

An initiative of the Indigenous Branch of the Australian Film Commission (AFC), From Sand to Celluloid comprises six films that have been packaged and distributed by Australian Film Institute Distribution (AFID) and Film Australia. The initial conception for the series came from the Indigenous Drama Initiative, set in 1994 with the express intention of advancing the development and production of films created by Indigenous Australians and increasing their participation in all areas of the film and television industry. The first project initiated was the development and production of six ten-minute dramas for television. Expressions of interest were called for from Indigenous Australians nationally. The ten applicants chosen (from forty seven) attended a visual storytelling workshop held in Melbourne in 1995. The Initiative utilised the assistance of all the state film assistance agencies and a pre-sale from SBS with an agreement to broadcast on SBS in July 1996, as well as the full participation of Film Australia through its funding of one of the productions. Five projects were further selected to go into production, along with Sally Riley's film Fly Peewee Fly (produced by Film Australia), and were delivered to the AFC on 30 March, 1996. Indigenous Australians were employed in both cast and crew positions.

In order to encourage a wider recognition and appreciation of the work of Indigenous Australians, the AFC supported the national distribution and exhibition of the films through the Australian Film Institute Distribution (AFID). AFID distributed the films as a package under the title of From Sand to Celluloid and the films screened at twenty-four locations, from as far afield as Cooper Pedy in South Australia to Broome in Western Australia, and were attended by a total of approximately 7,200 people.

As a unified collection, the films offer more than a two-dimensional victim-oppressor approach. They challenge viewers at all levels: as fellow citizens, as parents, as observers, and as fellow members of Indigenous communities. From Sand to Celluloid challenges viewers with many uncomfortable aspects of Australia's too-recent history. These include the active discrimination practised against Indigenous people in public places such as swimming pools and cinemas in country towns around Australia and the 'stolen generation': children taken away without their parents' consent and placed into homes or in white foster homes, with devastating effect on them and their families. The series is an essential resource for Indigenous studies, Australian history film studies, English legal studies, human relationship courses, and social studies.

[Source: Australian Film Commission,]

1 form y separately published work icon Sun on the Stubble The Valley Between Noel Robinson , ABC Television (publisher), ( dir. Robert Marchand ) Lindfield Australia Germany : Film Australia ABC Television ZDF , 1996 Z1057268 1996 series - publisher film/TV

Six-part drama series about a fourteen-year-old German immigrant, Bruno Gunther, growing up in a small wheat-farming community in Australia during the 1930s. Based on Colin Thiele's novels The Valley Between, Sun on the Stubble, Uncle Gustav's Ghosts, and The Shadow on the Hills.

1 1 form y separately published work icon Napoleon Mario Andreacchio , Michael Bourchier , Mark Saltzman , ( dir. Mario Andreacchio ) Lindfield Japan United States of America (USA) : Film Australia Ace Pictures Samuel Goldwyn Company , 1995 Z1014812 1995 single work film/TV children's fantasy

Napoleon, a young Golden Retriever, finds himself in Sydney after a balloon ride. Determined to find dingoes, he sets off to the bush guided by a galah called Birdo. During the journey, he encounters various Australian bush animals and a wide variation of landscapes. In the centre of Australia, he finally finds two dingo pups and rescues them when their cave is flooded.

1 form y separately published work icon Escape from Jupiter David Ogilvy , John Patterson , Martin Daley , ( dir. Kate Woods et. al. )agent Melbourne Japan : Australian Children's Television Foundation NHK Film Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1994 Z1855709 1994 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult science fiction

A small group of children live on Io, one of Jupiter's moons, where their parents operate a research and mining outpost. When one of Io's volcanoes explodes, the outpost begins to break apart, and the group must flee. Finding a derelict space station in orbit around Jupiter, they convert it into a workable spaceship and begin the slow and dangerous journey back to Earth.

The program was followed by a sequel, Return to Jupiter. Escape from Jupiter was never released in its entirety on either VHS or DVD, but a two-hour 'film version' was released.

1 1 form y separately published work icon The Girl from Tomorrow Part II : Tomorrow's End Mark Shirrefs , John Thomson , ( dir. Noel Price ) Australia : Film Australia , 1993 Z1845837 1993 series - publisher film/TV children's science fiction

A sequel to The Girl from Tomorrow, The Girl from Tomorrow Part II: Tomorrow's End begins with Alana returning to her own time with Jenny, who has been badly wounded and needs the advanced medical treatment Alana's people can offer. But with both Silverthorn and Jenny out of their own time, Alana's people begin to fear that their time travel experiments are affecting the course of history. They restore both Silverthorn and Jenny to their own times and return once again to 3000AD--to find it a radioactive wasteland. Alana must trace the cause of the disaster, which leads her to 2500AD and Draco, malevolent controller of GlobeCorp, the company that controls all resources in the polluted, unhappy dystopia that is 2500AD.

Likes its predecessor and the later programs Spellbinder and Spellbinder II: Land of the Dragon Lord, The Girl from Tomorrow II was a collaboration between Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson, although in this case Thomson is only credited with the story and Shirrefs with the actual screenplays.

1 form y separately published work icon Muttaburrasaurus : Life in Gondwana Norman Yeend , Graham Binding , ( dir. Graham Binding et. al. )agent Lindfield : Film Australia , 1993 Z1513785 1993 single work film/TV

Combination of animation and documentary footage tracing the existence and discovery of the Muttaburrasaurus dinosaur. Uses the story of a young dinosaur that becomes separated from its mother to show the habitat and behavioural patterns of the Muttaburrasaurus, and includes footage of fossil sites and museums.

1 form y separately published work icon Frank Hardy Andrea Stretton (interviewer), ( dir. Frank Heimans ) Lindfield : Film Australia , 1993 Z1122421 1993 single work film/TV interview

Australian author Frank Hardy speaks about his Depression-era childhood, World War II experiences, Communist Party membership, early days as a writer, marriage, social ostracism, support for Aboriginal people, aims as a writer, and the furore and trial for libel over his novel Power Without Glory.