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Studies in Australian Drama Currency Press (publisher), series - publisher criticism
Currency Modern Drama Currency Press (publisher), series - publisher
Currrency Teenage Drama Currency Press (publisher), series - publisher
Australian Playhouse Series Currency Press (publisher), series - publisher
Currency Plays Currency Press (publisher), series - publisher
1 y separately published work icon The Curve Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 21942346 2021 anthology drama

Loneliness, fear, bad dreams, repressed attraction or repugnance, lockdown and sudden escapes, jigsaw puzzles, food deliveries, bad tempers and penguins.
These were the things that stole our sleep for a year, or that rescued, haunted and comforted us.

'In the early days of Covid lockdown in 2020, playwrights Vanessa Bates, Mary Rachel Brown, Suzie Miller, Lachlan Philpott and Katie Pollock came together in a virtual writing group to support each other and spur each other on. There were only two rules: deliver a piece every Monday inspired by events of the previous week; and show up online to read them out. Write down, show up, read out.

'A selection of these pieces have been gathered together in The Curve, a live performance, filmed and streamed by Critical Stages Touring. Like a modern-day journal of the plague year, this collection of monologues and scenes is a time capsule reflecting the lived experience of these five playwrights during the Covid-19 pandemic.

'With humour, drama, surprise and searing honesty, this collection is a deep interrogation of what it means to be alive during ‘extraordinary times’.'

1 y separately published work icon Sharp Darts 7-On (editor), Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 21942250 2021 anthology drama

'Seven playwrights. Fifteen plays. Short plays, but whole worlds contained in them. Huge windows into the minds and times of seven extraordinary writers for the theatre. These award-winning playwrights—Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Hilary Bell, Noëlle Janaczewska, Verity Laughton, Ned Manning and Catherine Zimdahl—collectively known as 7-ON, have collaborated over multiple projects since they banded together in 2005.

'Gathered here for the first time, Sharp Darts is a selection of some of 7-ON’s best short works, chamber pieces for the stage and for audio. They take us from a lonely caravan on the edge of the ocean, to the footy oval of our teenage tragedies, a soulless suburban shopping mall, a futuristic island with its own language, a boat on a river in the deep deep dark, across a nostalgic backyard fence, inside the implosion of a dynasty, and beyond.

'These sharp, pointed portraits of Australia by some of our country’s best playwrights are by turns dark, funny, surprising, moving and political, but above all inspiring in their vision and creativity.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 1 y separately published work icon Green Park Elias Jamieson Brown , 2021 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 20801190 2021 single work drama

'You’ve walked past it. Maybe through it. Down the end of Victoria Street, opposite St Vincent’s Hospital—Green Park. It’s picturesque by day, a little eerie by night. And it’s where Warren and Edden are meeting, as a prelude to their Grindr hook up.

'One of them doesn’t look like his photo. There’s an age gap between them (but what’s a decade or three?). And one is harbouring a dangerous secret. In an hour’s time, both will leave the park profoundly transformed.

'Google Maps lists Green Park as “Good for Kids”. But just a few decades ago, that definitely wasn’t the case. For decades, the Wall opposite the park was where rent boys plied their trade for curb-crawling Johns. The public toilet was a spot for secret all-hours hook ups. When the cops dismantled it, in 1988, a cabal of drag queen nuns—the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence—built a shrine to a chunk of its urinal. These details are becoming lost to time. But in Green Park, Warren and Edden will be pushed together—and apart—by forces of Sydney’s history that neither of them can comprehend.

'In 2021, Griffin is leaving its home at the SBW Stables and wandering down the road to the real Green Park. Outside the rotunda, audience members will be outfitted with a set of headphones. And together, they will eavesdrop on playwright Elias Jamieson Brown’s finely wrought Darlinghurst noir. To everyone else, the two men talking on a bench might not look like much. But in the gloom of the setting sun, you’ll experience a dangerous psycho-sexual collision… in a very public place.'

Source: Griffin Theatre Company.

1 1 y separately published work icon Dogged Andrea James , Catherine Ryan , 2021 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 20801111 2021 single work drama

'In alpine Victoria, on Gunaikurnai country, a flock of sheep are found with their throats torn open. A woman, a farmer’s daughter, is on the hunt—looking for feral dogs. Rifle at her side, she camps down, thinking she’s alone.

'But she’s not.

'From deep between the eucalypts, a dingo watches her. Heart beating through skin. Bristling with hunger and grief. Waiting for the slightest show of weakness. From Picnic at Hanging Rock to Wake in Fright, the greatest works of Australian Gothic tease a uniquely antipodean horror from the anxiety of living on stolen country.

'In a work of startling poetry, tenderness, and violence, Andrea James (Sunshine Super Girl) and AWGIE-winner Catherine Ryan ratchet this anxiety to epic proportions, in a bloody confrontation between two elemental forces, played out on contested territory.'

Source: Griffin Theatre Company.

1 4 y separately published work icon Playing Beatie Bow Kate Mulvany , 2021 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 20740909 2021 single work drama

'Abigail (Catherine Văn-Davies), a teenager dealing with her parents’ messy separation, follows the mysterious young girl Beatie Bow (Sofia Nolan) back through time – from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s The Rocks in the present day to the year 1873, when the suburb was full of struggling immigrant families, gangsters and a whole host of larger-than-life characters. With the help of Beatie, her wise grandmother, and the whole Bow family, Abigail goes on a wild adventure through twisting alleyways of history in a race to find her way home.

'This moving human story is set in and around the real-life suburb that STC calls home and will overflow with history, song and sparkling humour. Grandparents, parents and teenagers will all find something to love in this family story – a combination of Mulvany’s characteristic warmth and vivacity and Williams’ monumental vision.' (Production summary)

1 4 y separately published work icon Sunshine Super Girl Andrea James , 2020 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 17259202 2020 single work drama

'A young girl hits a ball against the tin wall of her family’s home with a frying pan. This is where it all began for Evonne Goolagong. Hers is a quintessentially Australian story about a girl from the bush who dared to dream, and with the unlikely support of an outback farming town, rose to become the No. 1 tennis player in the world, and a household name by the age of 19.

'Evonne Goolagong’s heartwarming story is a celebration of spirit and passion over adversity, and a tribute to a woman whose sporting prowess continues to inspire a nation, giving hope to thousands of young girls across the country. With its distinctively Australian sensibility and humour, Sunshine Super Girl asks us to consider our nation’s future and the part we can play for the next ‘Goolagong’ waiting in the wings.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 1 y separately published work icon Berlin Joanna Murray-Smith , 2020 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 17252345 2020 single work drama

'Tom meets Charlotte in a bar. Tom’s a foreigner on his first trip to Berlin. Charlotte’s a beguiling bartender. They’re both young, smart and charismatic – and in the early hours, they end up back at Charlotte’s Prenzlauerberg apartment. Over the course of the night, desire and longing dance hand in hand with devastating secrets. Are they just two young people falling in love, or are they contemporary victims of history’s undiluted reach?'

Source: Melbourne Theatre Company.

1 2 y separately published work icon The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race Melanie Tait , 2019 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 14537278 2019 single work drama

'Appleton is a small country town being forced into the present with a recent influx of wealthy city slickers, treechangers and refugees. Simmering tensions come to a head when new GP Penny Anderson discovers that the famous Appleton Potato Race awards $1000 prize money for the men, and a measly $200 for the women. When Penny decides to take steps to restore gender parity and coax Appleton into the 21st century, little could she have anticipated the spiralling, hilarious culture war that would follow.'

Source: Ensemble Theatre.

1 3 y separately published work icon Fangirls Yve Blake , Yve Blake (composer), 2019 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 14527293 2019 single work musical theatre

'Meet Edna: She’s 14, chronically awkward, and everyone thinks she’s a serial liar. But none of this will matter when her REAL life starts. With Harry. There’s just one problem, Harry is in True Connection - the world’s biggest boyband.

'When True Connection announce a tour stop in Edna’s city, she realises that this is her one chance to meet Harry and convince him of their destiny. But just how far is she prepared to go in the name of love? Edna takes her obsession to unforeseen heights in this thrilling and hilarious musical comedy about first love, fan culture, and the danger of underestimating teenage girls.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 2 y separately published work icon The Visitors Jane Harrison , 2014 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2021 14202305 2014 single work drama

'Seven senior law men, in fine suits, meet on the shores of a harbour to discuss the 11 large boats that have just arrived. Should they be welcomed to country or should these seven clan representatives of the Dharug nation, people from what became known as Sydney, combine to get rid of the unwelcome visitors? They take a vote – it must be unanimous – and one of them reckons the visitors mightn’t be all bad. This is a powerful, imaginative response to the beginnings of modern Australia.' (Production summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon Burnt Tom Lycos , Stefo Nantsou , 2009 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2020 Z1605657 2009 single work drama young adult

'Burnt is a bush yarn, born and bred out of the true stories of people from regional Australia struggling with prolonged dryness. It looks at the stresses and strains of continued drought on families and young people.'

(Source: publisher's blurb)

1 5 y separately published work icon Mates Peter Joseph Kenna , Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2020 Z542308 1976 single work drama

'What do a transvestite, an ageing shearer, a retired prostitute and a famous footballer have in common? All find themselves in a cabaret venue late one night after the show – and all are looking for love. Peter Kenna’s masterful and touching one-Act play was first performed in 1975, and has lost none of its bittersweet emotion. By turns moving, funny and terrifying, this play is a powerful record of a time when love could not always speak its name.'

(Source: publisher's blurb)

1 y separately published work icon This Was Urgent Yesterday Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2020 20871883 2020 anthology drama 'This Was Urgent Yesterday is a collection of single-actor scripts written by and for young people from regional Australia.' (Publication summary)
1 y separately published work icon Little Girls Alone in the Woods Morgan Rose , 2020 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2020 20871814 2020 single work drama 'In an ordinary street, in an ordinary suburb, in an ordinary town, something is amiss.
It’s not the maths exam the teens are about to fail, or the overdue essay. It’s not global warming or fast-fashion sweatshops. It’s a low buzz of anxiety, a quiet terror in the middle of the night.
'Because girls have been going missing.
'They’ve either walked off into the bush to live out some wild fantasy … or … or …
The adults aren’t taking any chances. All young women are required to be registered with authorities. And now a high fence is being erected. And now all females under the age of 18 have to wear a tracking device. And now they have to beware what they say or do in case it puts them in mortal danger. They will be controlled, and they will be safe.
'But like a sliver of glass lodged under a manicured nail, this thought will not leave the girls alone: I am my own person; take me seriously.
'Morgan Rose’s little girls alone in the woods is a whip-smart adaptation of The Bacchae that puts a contemporary feminist lens on the Greek legend of Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, festivity, theatre and ritual madness. It dares us to go into the woods and seek out what knowledge lies beyond the border of respectability and rules. What worlds await us?' (Publication summary)
1 y separately published work icon Watchlist Alex Vickery-Howe , 2020 Strawberry Hills : Currency Press , 2020 19589821 2020 single work drama

'Basil Pepper is not ‘the man’, he’s not a doer, or a fighter … or even much of a thinker. World events pass him by, ideology makes him sleepy, and the Prime Minister’s name eludes him. Delia Dengel is determined to take a stand, to succeed where generations have failed, and be the change she wants to see, even if she’ll always be hunted. Basil is smitten. It isn’t long before he begins to see the world through Delia’s eyes …
'And that’s when the storm begins.
'How far would you go to save the world?'

(Source: publisher's blurb)