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1 1 y separately published work icon On How I Came to Write the Lucky Country Donald Horne , Carlton South : Melbourne University Publishing , 2016 Z1243376 2006 extract autobiography (Into The Open) This extract focuses on the formative years of Donald Horne leading up to the writing of The Lucky Country.
1 y separately published work icon From Two Worlds Ed Byrne , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2016 9649201 2016 selected work poetry

'In From Two Worlds, Ed Byrne explores the tensions, joys and contradictions of modern life.' (Publication summary)

1 25 y separately published work icon Malcolm Fraser : The Political Memoirs Malcolm Fraser , Margaret Simons , Carlton South : Melbourne University Publishing , 2015 Z1670364 2010 single work autobiography

'Malcolm Fraser is one of the most interesting and possibly most misunderstood of Australia's Prime Ministers. In this part memoir and part authorised biography, Fraser at the age of 79 years talks about his time in public life.

'From the Vietnam War to the Dismissal and his years as Prime Minister, through to his concern in recent times for breaches in the Rule of Law and harsh treatment of refugees, Fraser emerges as an enduring liberal, constantly reinterpreting core values to meet the needs of changing times.

'Written in collaboration with journalist Margaret Simons, Malcolm Fraser's political memoirs trace the story of a shy boy who was raised to be seen and not heard, yet grew to become one of the most persistent, insistent and controversial political voices of our times.

'The book offers insight into Malcolm Fraser's substantial achievements. He was the first Australian politician to describe Australia's future as multicultural, and his federal government was the first to pass Aboriginal Land Rights and Freedom of Information legislation, also establishing the Human Rights Commission.

'After his parliamentary career, Fraser continued to be an important player in public life, playing a key role in persuading the USA Congress to impose sanctions on South Africa as part of the battle against apartheid. He was also the founding chair of CARE Australia, one of our largest aid agencies.' (From the publisher's website.)

2 96 y separately published work icon Seven Poor Men of Sydney Christina Stead , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2015 Z461354 1934 single work novel (taught in 18 units)

'Seven Poor Men of Sydney is a brilliant portrayal of a group of men and women living in Sydney in the 1920s amid conditions of poverty and social turmoil.

Set against the vividly drawn backgrounds of Fisherman's (Watson's) Bay and the innercity slums, the various characters seek to resolve their individual spiritual dilemmas; through politics, religion and philosophy.

Their struggles, their pain and their frustrations are portrayed with consummate skill in this memorable evocation of a city and an era.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Miegunyah : The Bequests of Russell and Mab Grimwade J. R. Poynter , Ben Thomas , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2015 9144328 2015 single work non-fiction

'The great bequests of Russell and Mab Grimwade have opened up extraordinary opportunities for the University of Melbourne, enabling an exciting range of initiatives.

Through the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellows program, Australia has benefited from the visits of more than a hundred international academics. The University's cultural collections have been enriched by the treasures of the Grimwades' collections of art, rare books and Australiana. Russell Grimwade's passion for chemistry, appreciation of art and sense of obligation to preserve the past has driven the development of the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. Russell's first allegiance may have been to biochemistry, but he had a wider vision: to fund the 'birth of an antipodean Clarendon Press' at Melbourne University Press. The distinguished Miegunyah imprint has realised his ambition and this book is the most recent volume in that series.'

The Grimwades' bequests still remain one of the University of Melbourne's most significant gifts. This is the story of Russell and Mab Grimwade and their legacy to the Australian nation. (Source: Publisher's website)

1 1 y separately published work icon Watson's Pier Joshua Funder , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2015 8404236 2015 single work novel war literature

'Stan Watson was among the first ashore at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, and survived battle, fear and disease to build the pier at Anzac Cove from which so many men later escaped. He faced what seemed like an impossible mission: to get every man out alive. Watson never claimed to be the last man to leave Gallipoli, but through to the very end he played his part and became a hero.

'Sixty-two years to the day after he stepped away from that fatal shore, Watson took a slow train to visit his family for Christmas and decided to finally tell his life story.

'A beautifully told mixture of fact and fiction, Watson's Pier traces not just one man's journey, but the history of a nation. It also challenges the historical record of what happened in the final moments at Anzac Cove. In doing so, it offers a new perspective on the meaning of Gallipoli.'

1 y separately published work icon A Brimming Cup : The Life of Kathleen Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Kleinhenz , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2013 6313489 2013 single work biography

'Kathleen Fitzpatrick, born in 1905, was the grand-daughter of Melbourne real estate agent JR Buxton, whose investments in land and housing brought him wealth and significantly influenced much of his city's early development.

In her memoir, Solid Bluestone Foundations, described by her great friend Manning Clark as 'a magnificent book of memories', Kathleen painted an evocative picture of family life at her grandparents' mansion Hughenden in Middle Park, and of middle-class living in early twentieth-century Melbourne.'

'In adulthood she went on to become a brilliant academic and teacher whose former pupils became some of Australia's finest historians and intellectuals. But she was also a lonely woman with a low view of her own worth as a writer and scholar.'

'Through meticulous research, Elizabeth Kleinhenz uncovers what lay behind the mask that Kathleen Fitzpatrick presented to the world. Capable of deep love, she was almost vainly self-conscious. She was witty but cutting, proud but ashamed, could be arrogant and overbearing, but also modest to the point of subservience. An accomplished thinker, she allowed the major insights of second-wave feminism to pass her by. After her marriage failed she never again had an open relationship.'

'A Brimming Cup tells the story of Kathleen's outstanding academic career, her contributions to social and political debates of the day, her relationships, and her successes and disappointments as a historian, writer and woman of her time.' (Source: Publishers website)

1 1 y separately published work icon The Poet's Envoi G. V. Brady , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 Z1920302 2012 selected work poetry
1 y separately published work icon The Coast Chris Hammer , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 Z1903772 2012 single work prose travel 'The coast and its people help define our identity. Most Australians live in suburbia, but our hearts are elsewhere. From the winner of the ACT Book of the year Award for his first book, The River, comes this celebration of the Australian seascape, from its natural grandeur to the quirky individualism of those who live beside it. It is also the heartfelt and pertinent story of the issues facing our coast today and the resilience of communities at a turning point.

'Chris Hammer travels the length of the east coast of Australia on a journey of discovery and reflection, from the Torres Strait to Tasmania; from an island whose beach has been lost forever to the humbling optimism of the survivors of Cyclone yasi; from the showy beaches of Sydney to a beautiful village that endures despite the loss of its fishing fleet.

'This is a relevant, satisfying and highly readable book, imbued with a sense of optimism and humour. Even as new economic imperatives emerge and the shift in our climate becomes apparent, we can revel in the heritage and character of our shores, reminding us why the coast is so important to all of us.' (From the publisher's website.)
1 17 y separately published work icon Tales from the Political Trenches Maxine McKew , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 Z1897129 2012 single work autobiography 'Julia Gillard was impatient for the prime ministership, and either worked with or allowed others to manufacture a sense of crisis around Rudd's leadership. She then cut down a prime minister in his first term and tried to pretend it was in the national interest to do so. Since then, she has been the architect of her own misfortune.

In Tales from the Political Trenches Maxine McKew counters the view that Julia Gillard was a reluctant deputy who was forced to move against a chaotic and dysfunctional Kevin Rudd and offers a different version of events. Her story is an intimate account of one of the most tumultuous periods in Australian politics, as well as a tale of personal change. She brings a reporter's eye and an insider's knowledge to a story that has caused despair among Labor supporters and produced disillusionment among the electorate.

After winning a spectacular victory against Prime Minister John Howard in 2007, McKew was one of the many casualties of the disastrous 2010 election campaign, when Labor was left clinging to the wreckage and forced into minority government. Still dealing with her own disappointments in a political career cut short by the machinations of her own party, and with more questions than answers, McKew has spent the past year talking to her colleagues in an effort to understand what went wrong. Tales from the Political Trenches is a must-read for those who have followed the events of the past few years and are still asking, "What the hell happened?"' Source: (Sighted 29/10/2012).
1 4 y separately published work icon The Waterlow Killings : A Portrait of a Family Tragedy Pamela Burton , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 Z1895907 2012 single work biography

'Anthony Waterlow left his decrepit room in a run-down boarding house at 4.45 p.m on Monday 9 November 2009. By 6 p.m, the 42-year-old was seen leaving another home: his sister Chloe's in Randwick. He left behind her slaughtered body and that of their father; celebrated art curator Nick Waterlow. The pair had been stabbed multiple times, in front of Chloe's three young children. The Waterlow Killings delves beneath the public face of a successful and affluent family, to reveal private suffering that even their closest friends could not have guessed. The story takes us deep into the world of musical, literary and visual artists who defy conventionality, push boundaries and become international celebrities. But behind that apparently glamorous life of the Waterlows; with British aristocratic blood lines and Nick's art world fame; lay a story of love, despair and torment. (Publisher's blurb)

1 6 y separately published work icon Speechless : A Year in My Father's Business James Button , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 Z1887796 2012 single work autobiography 'James Button spent a year writing speeches for Kevin Rudd. Before that, he reported on politics as a highly regarded journalist for Fairfax. But James also has politics in the blood: his father was the diminutive but larger-than-life Senator John Button, who was a minister in the Hawke and Keating governments. Growing up, James watched a roll-call of political luminaries debating the fate of the Labor Party. He saw great victories and defeats at close hand. He believes both his father and his family paid a heavy price for politics. Speechless is James' highly personal account of a year working in Canberra, seen from both the inside and the outside. It's told through his experience of Kevin Rudd's failure to tell his story, and how this helped destroy his prime ministership. It also reflects on how far the Labor Party has moved from the idealism and pragmatism of his father's generation. He ends on a note of hope for the Party's revival.' (Publisher's website)
1 11 y separately published work icon Gough Whitlam : His Time : Volume 2 Jenny Hocking , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2012 18722676 2012 single work biography

'The much-anticipated second volume of former labor prime minister Gough Whitlam's biography.
'In the first volume acclaimed biographer Jenny Hocking illuminated Whitlam's path to power, and here she recreates the excitement of Whitlam's historic win in 1972, the forces that never accepted his ascendency and the tragedy that followed. Drawing on previously unseen archival material, extensive interviews with family and colleagues as well as exclusive interviews with the man himself, this second volume finally exposes the truth about the Whitlam years.' (Publisher's blurb)

1 2 y separately published work icon Men Are Stupid, Women Are Crazy Peter Ruehl , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1813960 2011 selected work prose
1 3 y separately published work icon The Anthology of Colonial Australian Adventure Fiction Ken Gelder (editor), Rachael Weaver (editor), Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1802098 2011 anthology short story extract adventure 'Marauding bushrangers, lost explorers, mad shepherds, new chums and mounted troopers: these are some of the characters who populate the often perilous world of colonial Australian adventure fiction. Squatters defend their hard-earned properties from attack, while floods and other natural disasters threaten to wipe any trace of settlement away. Colonial Australian adventure fiction takes its characters on a journey into remote and unfamiliar territory, often in pursuit of wealth and well-being. But these journeys are invariably fraught with danger, and everything comes at a price.

'This anthology collects the best examples of colonial Australian adventure fiction, with stories by Ernest Favenc, Louis Becke, Rosa Praed, Guy Boothby, and many others.' (From the publisher's website.)
1 8 y separately published work icon Black Dog Daze Andrew Robb , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1797017 2011 single work autobiography 'Andrew Robb's battle with the black dog has touched a chord with many Australians. His memoir explores the challenges of managing depression, political ambition and life in the Liberal Party.

'Andrew Robb's career has been devoted to the Liberal cause—as Federal Director of the Liberal Party, as Executive Director of the National Farmers Federation, during seven years in the Packer business empire, and now in parliamentary politics.

'His memoirs document the private struggle and the public life of the Liberal Party's chief political strategist. It offers readers an insight into one man's lifelong battle with a private demon amidst the drama and tumult of contemporary Australian politics.' (From the publisher's website.)
1 15 y separately published work icon Fair Cop Christine Nixon , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1793523 2011 single work autobiography 'In this frank and engaging memoir, Christine Nixon reflects on the journey of a woman deep into a man's world, describing the experiences that shaped her commitment to a model of policing as a community service, committed to caring for society's most vulnerable. She explores the challenges of managing a police force through a period of profound social and cultural change, explains the hidden tensions at the front line of politics and policing and exposes the poisonous culture war within police ranks. Fair Cop candidly shares the public and private stories of Christine Nixon—woman, spouse, citizen, constable—on a journey that encounters tragedy, corruption, ambition and humility.' (Publisher's website)
1 3 y separately published work icon Witnesses to War : The History of Australian Conflict Reporting Fay Anderson , Richard Trembath , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1776020 2011 single work criticism 'This is a landmark history of Australian war journalism that covers the major conflicts of the 20th Century: World War I, World War II, Vietnam and Bosnia through to recent and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.' (Trove record)
1 6 y separately published work icon Notebooks Betty Churcher , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1768899 2011 single work diary travel Betty Churcher is best known as director of the National Gallery of Australia from 1990 - 1997. Betty Churcher's Notebooks is an intimate guide through some of the great art galleries of the world. (Trove record)
1 4 y separately published work icon The Short Goodbye : A Skewed History of the Last Boom and the Next Bust Elisabeth Wynhausen , Carlton : Melbourne University Publishing , 2011 Z1756943 2011 single work autobiography