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2017 winner (Theatre) y separately published work icon Egg Angela Betzien , 2016 11415379 2016 single work drama

'Across a dry and dusty desert, two tinkers, Clyde and Horse, drag an enormous egg. They can’t remember how long they’ve been dragging it, or why they’ve been dragging it, or where they are dragging it to. All they know is that it’s really important. Life on their big bald egg of a planet depends upon it. So there’s nothing to be done but to go on! Let’s tug this great big googy into the future. And who knows? Maybe something wonderful will hatch!

'A tale of two forgetful fellows yoked to a yoke. Silly and funny and a little bit cracked, Egg is filled with clowning, puppetry, hope and the promise of renewal.'

Source: Author's website ( (Sighted: 26/06/2017)

2016 winner (Television - C Classification) form y separately published work icon The Birthday Party Leah Purcell , ( dir. Adrian Wills ) Australia : Blackfella Films Werner Film Productions , 2015 10275527 2015 single work film/TV
2016 winner (Animation) form y separately published work icon Yellow Submarine Joshua Wakely , Australia Canada : 11:11 Creations Production 1 Thunderbird Productions Beyond International Atomic Cartoons , 2016 10272693 2016 single work film/TV children's
2015 winner (Children's Television –C Classification) form y separately published work icon Festival of the Ancestors David Witt , Australia Germany : SLR Productions ZDF , 2014 9137120 2014 single work film/TV children's fantasy
2015 winner (Animation) Bruce Griffiths For the episode 'The Fear of Zombies (Romerophobia)' (from The New Adventures of Figaro Pho).
2015 winner (Television - C) David Witt For the episode 'Festival of the Ancestors' (from Skinner Boys).
2015 winner (Television - P) Charlotte Rose Hamlyn For the episode 'Make a Rainbow' from Guess How Much I Love You.
2015 winner (Children's Theatre) y separately published work icon The Boy at the Edge of Everything Finegan Kruckemeyer , 2014 8888928 2014 single work drama children's science fiction

'In the middle of his over-scheduled 12-and-a-bit-year-old life, Simon Ives dreams of a place where he can just stop and be. Meanwhile, at the farthest point in the universe, The Boy at the Edge of Everything lives by himself, lonely and bored. When Simon is rocketed into space (through an unlikely series of events involving ‘lots and lots of fireworks’), their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same.'

Source: Author's website ( (Sighted: 14/9/2015)

2015 winner (Television - P Classification) form y separately published work icon Trash and Treasure R. A. Spratt , Australia : ABC Television , 2015 10276032 2015 single work film/TV children's
2014 winner (Animation) form y separately published work icon Ace Gets Braced Ray Boseley , Australia : Galaxy Pop Network Ten , 2013 7799204 2013 single work film/TV
2014 winner (Children's Theatre) The Grumpiest Boy in the World Finegan Kruckemeyer , 2013 single work musical theatre children's

'Grumpy 7 year-old Zachary, is fed up with feeling average and journeys into a surreal and entrancing world to discover what makes him special. A host of hilarious characters combine with international award winning writer Finegan Kruckemeyers trademark sharp dialogue in this unique twist on an adventure tale. Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, audiences both young and old will love joining the furious Zachary in his desperate quest to discover difference.'


Finegan Kruckemeyer on ( (Sighted: 8/9/2014)

2014 winner (Children's Television - C Classification) form y separately published work icon Nowhere Boys [Series One, Episode Three] Craig Irvin , ( dir. Daina Reid ) Australia : Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2013 7798808 2013 single work film/TV

'Andy, Felix and Jake break into Bremin High searching for proof of themselves in the school records; Sam searches for his girlfriend Mia; and the Thing that stalked them makes a scary return.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive.

2012 winner Snow on Mars Richard Tulloch , Kim Carpenter , 2011 single work drama children's

'Twelve year-old Waylon wants to be the first man on Mars and he's not afraid to shoot for the stars. But with his family constantly on the move he's falling further behind in his schoolwork, and becoming a NASA astronaut like his hero Andy Thomas seems about as likely as finding snow on Mars.

With help from his family and friends Waylon discovers that although dreams are hard to reach there can be fun and excitement in trying to achieve them. And yes, there is snow on Mars.

... Snow on Mars is an inspiring adventure that blasts off with aerial performers, actors, music and songs, making it perfect for audiences of all ages. ' (Sydney Festival 2011 website)

2011 winner (Children's Television: P Classification) form y separately published work icon Morgan's Cloud John Armstrong , Australia : ABC Television Southern Star Entertainment Southern Star Singapore , 2011 Z1823757 2011 single work film/TV children's
2011 winner (Children's Television: C Classification) form y separately published work icon 1868 Minna Nicholas Parsons , ( dir. Michael James Rowland ) Australia : Matchbox Pictures , 2011 Z1821806 2011 single work film/TV children's

'Minna lives with strict German-born parents who privately hope their young daughter's friendship with the well-to-do Owen children — Toby, Harold and Adelaide — will do her some good. However, Minna's parents have no clue what these kids get up to when they're on their own. Their favourite game is seeing who can scare the others the most. But when the Owens blame Minna for a disaster caused by their own children, Minna decides to give them the fright of their life. Unwisely, Minna helps herself to her friend Lecks' beloved magic lantern to carry out her revenge and soon she is in more trouble than ever.'

(Australian Television Information Archive record)

2011 winner (Children's Theatre) Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear Catherine Fargher , 2007 single work musical theatre fable young adult When a man loses his ear in a bizarre cycling accident involving a bull terrier, he cannot shake the yearning to replace it. A mysterious scientist, Dr Egg, offers a previously unthinkable possibility; he can grow the man a new ear. But first he needs a piece of his daughters' precious flesh. The Man refuses to harm his daughter. Eager to make her father happy, the daughter makes her way to the lab of Dr Egg and offers her ear.When the science is done, the ear grows and grows. But it does not stop there. A new life is made. And it looks a lot like her. The Daughter is faced with a serious dilemma. Source:
2010 winner (Children's Television: P Classification) form y separately published work icon The Little Fish Kevin Nemeth , ( dir. Craig Handley ) Australia Sydney : Australian Broadcasting Corporation Southern Star Entertainment Southern Star Singapore , 2009 Z1721175 2009 single work film/TV children's
2010 winner (C Classification) form y separately published work icon Crimes of the Heartless Shelley Birse , ( dir. James Bogle ) Sydney : Nine Network Essential Viewing , 2010 Z1709708 2010 single work film/TV

'According to Sarge, the worst crime of all is heartlessness — when you know your actions will hurt others but you do it anyway. Mr Streeton, it would seem, is the king of heartlessness, if building a retirement home in the swamp is any indication. Mr Streeton's blunt assessment of Sarge's world- view causes Sarge to reassess himself. His introspection spirals to despair when it appears Mum's wedding ring has been stolen. However, the final blow comes when Lockie admits to Sarge that he is the town's biggest criminal — he knowingly broke Mel's heart. Lockie's heartlessness, Phillip's growing frustration with the science faculty, and a surprise job offer for Mum cause the Leonards to question if they belong in Angelus anymore. Blob, however, has other ideas' ('Crimes of the Heartless' Australian Television Information Archive).

2009 winner (Children's Television: P Classification) form y separately published work icon Zigby and the Mango Sue Wicks , ( dir. Mark Barnard ) Australia Canada Singapore : Avrill Stark Entertainment Zebra (I) Productions Big Animation Flying Bark Productions , 2009 Z1622134 2009 single work film/TV children's
2009 winner (Children's Television: C Classification) form y separately published work icon Si's Slide John Armstrong , ( dir. Mark Gravas ) Australia : Kapow Pictures Vision Animation , 2009 Z1622099 2009 single work film/TV children's

'CJ and Lesley visit Si who's playing in a street basketball match with Lyle. Si asks CJ to fill in for him as he needs to practise for a flute exam.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 22/5/2014)

2009 winner The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy Finegan Kruckemeyer , 2008 single work drama children's
2007 winner Kese Solwata 2006 single work drama children's

'Celebrating the experiences of children living in one of the most remote and distinctive parts of Australia, this interactive performance features stories, dance and music. Kese Solwata has been created with some of Australia's foremost Torres Strait Islander performance artists in creative partnership with children of Badu, Horn, Darnley and Yam Islands. This work has grown out of Kite Theatre's ongoing relationship with schools and communities of the Torres Strait Islands. It highlights the contemporary lifestyles of children living in the region, their multilingual communication, their games and their engagement with popular culture and traditional cultures.'

Source: QPAC website,
Sighted: 05/09/2007

2006 winner Stella and the Moon Man Richard Tulloch , 2005 single work musical theatre children's

'Ten year-old Stella loves living out at Narangarra. But when her family moves to town, the city kids think she's strange. In a dark room in Stella's cramped apartment block lives a blind astronomer. As Stella befriends Mr Pleiades and becomes his eyes, she learns that our greatest difficulties seem trivial when compared to the vast beauty of the Universe.

Using music and imagery, Stella & the Moon Man combines music, shadow puppetry and digital video to create a fantastic stage world with a cast of actors, puppeteers, musicians - and children. Suitable for children aged 5 - 12 years and their families.'

Source: STC website,
Sighted: 04/07/2005

2005 winner (Theatre) y separately published work icon Gamegirl Maryanne Lynch , 2004 Hobart : Australian Script Centre , 2006 Z1184826 2004 single work drama children's Ten year old Lila negotiates her real world and the virtual world of gamegirl, increasingly experiencing slippage between the two.
2002 winner form y separately published work icon The Grass Is Greener Marieke Hardy , ( dir. Elise McCredie ) Australia : Burberry Productions Seven Network , 2002 7496270 2002 single work film/TV children's

'Kurt's video of his elderly neighbour, Mrs Green, begins as a joke. He wants to hurt the old lady by making her seem stupid, but the more time he spends with her the more he gets to like her. The new Kurt surprises his classmates, but not Mrs Green. She always knew there was more to the sullen boy. Kurt and Mrs Green form a close bond that is broken when she passes away before his video is completed.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 18/6/2014)

1997 winner (Adaptation) form y separately published work icon Pizza David McRobbie , ( dir. Sophia Turkiewicz ) 1997 Z1553844 1997 single work film/TV children's

Wayne boasts that he can cook, and Charlene finally meets Rupert.

1994 winner (Original) form y separately published work icon Old Sam, Jasper and Mr Frank Trevor Todd , ( dir. George Karpathakis ) 1994 Z975869 1994 single work film/TV children's
1994 winner (Adaptation) y separately published work icon Blabbermouth : The Play Mary Morris , (Manuscript version)x401001 Z793742 1993 single work drama children's humour young adult
1992 winner (Adaptation) form y separately published work icon Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left John Reeves , Ray Boseley , Graeme Farmer , Roger Dunn , Everett de Roche , Chris Anastassiades , Aleksi Vellis , Vince Moran , Michael Harvey , Matthew Lovering , Seven Network (publisher), ( dir. Rod Hardy et. al. )agent 1992 Melbourne Australia : Crawford Productions Seven Network , 1994 Z1028716 1992 single work film/TV young adult science fiction

On the cold and inhospitable planet of Zyrgon in a galaxy light years away, X's father wins the state lottery for the 27th time in a row. Knowing he will now be severely punished, twelve-year-old X is determined to save her family from jail, and decides to buy a spaceship. The whole family then set off into space, head halfway across the galaxy, and turn left. They land on an even stranger planet: Earth.

1988 winner (Adaptation) y separately published work icon Hating Alison Ashley : The Play Richard Tulloch , 1987 (Manuscript version)x401181 Z859298 1987 single work drama young adult
1987 winner (Original) y separately published work icon Eliot Loves Diana Andrew Dal-Bosco , 1985 Montmorency : Yackandandah Playscripts , 1989 Z229563 1985 single work drama children's
1986 winner y separately published work icon No Worries David Holman , 1984 1980-1989 (Manuscript version)x401272 Z943337 1984 single work drama children's
1985 winner (Best Original Film Script) form y separately published work icon The Other Facts of Life Morris Gleitzman , ( dir. Esben Storm ) 1985 1985 Z1167400 1985 single work film/TV young adult

Twelve-year-old Ben Guthrie appears to have a good life. His family are well off and his father is a successful and ambitious butcher. However, there are some things that Ben doesn't understand. His father attempts to explain the facts of life, but Ben is more interested in the bigger life picture, such as why some people are starving. When both his parents fail to provide answers, Ben begins an inspired crusade to make the world right. He becomes a neighbourhood nuisance and an embarrassment to his family, constantly and publicly challenging their values. His parents seek the help of friends and experts, to no avail. When Ben meets Esme, an elderly animal liberationist, and they end up in the hands of the police, his parents resort to faking family illnesses to distract Ben from the larger troubles of the world. But it is not until his work-obsessed father suffers a genuine heart attack that Ben is able to focus his energies on a problem he can do something about: helping his family.

(Source: Australian Screen)

1982 winner (Original) y separately published work icon Golden Valley Dorothy Hewett , 1981 (Manuscript version)x400979 Z217921 1981 single work musical theatre children's
1980 winner y separately published work icon The Bush Bunch Alan Hopgood , 1980 (Manuscript version)x400457 Z851946 1980 single work drama children's
1968 winner form y separately published work icon The Poachers Michael Wright , ( dir. Max Varnel ) 1968 Z1624879 1968 single work film/TV Sonny, Mark, and Jerry investigate an expensive game-fishing cruiser with three men aboard, after Skippy and Sonny come across men trapping animals in the bush at night. Swimming out to the cruiser, Jerry overhears a conversation that indicates the men are stealing koalas for Dr Stark's private zoo. Awarded to Michael Wright