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The Miles Franklin Rights Project

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  • Introduction

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    Led by Dr Airlie Lawson, The Miles Franklin Rights Project gives an international dimension to what is often described as Australian’s most prestigious literary prize: the Miles Franklin Literary Award. Building on AustLit’s existing bibliographic records to create a comprehensive data set of international editions of award-winning and shortlisted novels from 2000-2020, the project provides a basis from which the impact and value of this very local award can be interrogated from a global perspective.

    The Miles Franklin Rights Project commenced at the beginning of 2021 and is still in progress.

    See AustLit's records for novels that have been nominated for or won the Miles Franklin Award.

    See the Miles Franklin Literary Award website.

  • Team

  • Dr Airlie Lawson: Lead Investigator

    Dr Airlie Lawson is a literary cartographer and the Postdoctoral Fellow on Untapped: the Australian Literary Heritage Project at the University of Melbourne. She has twenty years’ experience trading international publishing rights. For her doctoral thesis, Conditions of Access, she created a database that included international deals, licenses and editions, as well as quantifiable external factors that might have influenced them, so as to be able to answer the questions: how global is Australian literature in the 21st century—and how did it become that way? This database will be able to be accessed through AustLit later this year.

    Desley Martin, Research Assistant

    Desley Martin is completing a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Queensland with majors in Writing and Ancient History and holds a Diploma in Fine Arts with majors in Sculpture and Painting. She is a regular attendee at the UQ Shakespeare Summer School with Dr Victoria Bladen and has been a dramaturg for Room To Play Independent Theatre since 2014.

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