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    Western Australian Literature provides biographical information about writers associated with Western Australia by birth, residence or visits. It also contains bibliographical information about their works.

    While Western Australian Literature concentrates on creative and critical literature, some non-creative works are included. The dataset includes details about Western Australian publishers and other figures and organisations important to the cultural life of the state.

    In 2003, Western Australian Writing: An On-line Anthology was launched. It provides access to more than 300 complete works and extracts from the longer works of almost 200 writers.

    In 2008, the University of Western Australia began work on a specially focused dataset, The Goldfields Bards of Western Australia. It recorded the literary material published in the numerous newspapers that flourished in gold fields towns during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This was a time when the discovery of fabulously rich gold deposits in Western Australia's outback regions sparked a rush of people from diverse social and intellectual backgrounds from all over Australia and the world.

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