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  • AustLit provides access to over 87,000 full text items. This is made up of full text published, hosted, or digitised by AustLit, or of bibliographical records with links to external sites that make full text available.

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  • AustLit Publications and Republications

    AustLit is an active publisher of scholarly texts—criticism and monographs—and datasets, curated content, and Companions. AustLit is emerging as an important element of Australia's scholarly publishing environment.

    A major area of publication arises from supporting the research endeavours of scholars of Australian cultural heritage and history. Discover AustLit's rich research-related content on our Research pages.

    Our major publications include the following:.

  • —. Parasols and Prosthetic Limbs: The World War I Magazine Fiction of Sumner Locke

  • 175

    Sumner Locke, who died one hundred years ago this year, on 18 October 1917, is better known today as the mother of Sumner Locke Elliott. But when she died, she was a well-known and popular writer of humorous novels and magazine stories.

    This collection marks the centenary of Sumner Locke's death by republishing a collection of twelve of her war stories, the brittle and brutal magazine fiction she wrote after the outbreak of World War I.

    Explore the collection.

  • —. Beyond Goggles and Corsets : Australian Steampunk

  • World War II flying goggles

    Researched, compiled, and written by Dr Catriona Mills and Geoffrey Hondroudakis, Beyond Goggles and Corsets : Australian Steampunk is a unique AustLit research project that identifies and describes Australian-written steampunk works, and sets out the history and thematic concerns of Australian steampunk from the earliest proto-steampunk works to the present day. The lengthy essay is richly illustrated and accompanied by curated reading lists.

  • —. Players: Australian Actors

  • Julia Blake, Poster for the Black Swan State Theatre Company production of National Interest, May 2012, Gary Marsh Photography
    Julia Blake

    Players : Australian Actors on Stage, Television, and Screen

    These biographical essays, accompanied by some wonderful photographs, by Professor Anne Pender were published in December, 2016. They are based on extensive research undertaken during the course of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

    The lives and careers of actors involved in theatre, television, and film are explored. They include Jackie Weaver, Helmut Bakaitis, Julia Blake, Max Cullen, Maggie Dence, and Alan Hopgood, among many others.

  • —. The Literature of Tasmania

  • 146

    The Literature of Tasmania by Professor Philip Mead explores the stories that define and map Australia's island state.

    This multichapter work is a rare and comprehensive study of Tasmania as a site and source of story. Spanning the period from before European arrival when the island was no more than imagined to the present day, The Literature of Tasmania is a fascinating analysis and survey of the various manifestations of the island in writers minds. The monograph includes discussion of film, theatre, television, and the continuing storytelling of Aboriginal people.

  • —. A Companion to the Australian Media

  • A Companion to the Australian Media edited by Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley is a remarkable collection of hundreds of articles written by more than 300 authorities on various aspects of the media in Australia.

    The Companion was published in print form by Australian Scholarly Publishing in 2014 and republished by AustLit in 2016.

  • —. The Australian Drama Archive

  • The Australian Drama Archive is a developing collection of plays and performance texts that will be developed over the coming years. Using plays held in the Eunice Hanger Collection at the library of The University of Queensland, and in the Campbell Howard Collection at the University of New England, a group of theatre historians are throwing light on the rich history of early twentieth century Australian theatre. Led by AustLit Director, Kerry Kilner with colleagues from UQ and UNE, the Archive will contain dozens of plays by the end of 2017 with full biographical details and performance histories. The plays will be able to be used for research, teaching, and performance.

  • —. The AustLit Anthology of Criticism

  • 130

    Compiled by Professor Leigh Dale, former editor of Australian Literary Studiesand Linda Hale and edited by Kerry Kilner. The Anthology of Criticism contains 75 full text scholarly articles on authors and their works, including Henry Lawson, Judith Wright, Peter Carey, Jack Davis, and many others. The selection of material is designed to support the teaching of Australian literature at both secondary and tertiary levels.

    The Anthology also makes available selective bibliographies on each included author to assist with the discovery of other relevant, authoritative, secondary material for teaching and study.

  • —. Courting Blakness

  • on of the '14 Nations' flags by Archie Moore

    Courting Blakness : Recalibrating the Sandstone University was a groundbreaking exhibition curated by University of Queensland Adjunct Professor, Fiona Foley.

    Located in The University of Queensland’s Great Court between September 5-28 in 2014, the project brought together works in different media by Ryan Presley, Archie Moore, Natalie Harkin, Karla Dickens, Christian Thompson, Megan Cope, r e a, and Michael Cook.

    The Courting Blakness website published by AustLit gathers all of the digital footprints of the exhibitions and surrounding events in order to allow this powerful experience to live on, becoming a part of the rich resources in the BlackWords project of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers. (

  • —. The BlackWords Essays

  • assertion

    The BlackWords Essays, published by AustLit in 2015, are a series of eight essays by Anita Heiss, produced for teachers, students, researchers, and readers in order to highlight AustLit’s BlackWords project, the most comprehensive resource of Indigenous Australian writing available. The essays cover issues of Indigenous literacy, writing for children and young adults, writing about country, the role of anthologies in writing careers, the Stolen Generations, and writing about identity.

  • —. The Joseph Furphy Digital Archive

  • First released in 2015, the Joseph Furphy Digital Archive, edited by Dr Roger Osborne, is a detailed record of the publication history of a significant Australian writer. Beginning with Furphy's Such Is Life, the archive traces the editorial development of Furphy's work, including transcriptions of manuscript and typescript material, as well as rich critical apparatuses such as a Furphy timeline and a biographical listing of people and organisations involved in Furphy's career. The Joseph Furphy Digital Archive is a unique fusion of critical scholarship and bibliography.

  • —. The Colonial Newspapers and Magazines Project

  • assertion

    The Colonial Newspapers and Magazines Project has been underway since 2009, involving AustLit team members at three universities. In 2013, the project entered a new phase, focusing on in-depth researching and indexing of titles from three points during the colonial period: 1838, 1868, and 1888. This represented a shift from vertical to horizontal analysis: rather than indexing the entire run of a single periodical deemed 'significant', researchers mapped the entirety of available periodicals across a fixed point in time. Thousands of works identified through the project are available in full text, either through AustLit's own digitisation or through external sources such as Trove. The result is a body of content that allows a new insight into colonial reading, writing, and publishing practices.

  • Reading AustLit Full-Text Collections

    There are thousands of full text works available through AustLit including:





  • The AustLit Full Text Collection comprises the following collections. They can be identified by the AustLit Full Text Austlitfulltext symbol appearing on the work records. Texts are fully searchable, and can be downloaded for research purposes.

    AustLit full texts can be viewed on the AustLit site, or downloaded as either PDF, plain text, or ePub format. An ePub reader is needed to read ePub format.

  • —. Speculative Fiction Full-Text Collection

  • 100

    The Speculative Fiction Full-text Collection is more than 100 early Australian fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels, digitised by AustLit. Ranging from the 1837 adventure tale Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland to the 1949 horror novella Blackmarket Brains, they represent a cross-section of Australian speculative fiction over a century. The collection includes genre specialists whose names are now forgotten as well as such significant authors as Fergus Hume, Rosa Praed, and Guy Boothby. The collection is an important source of information about Australian genre fiction in the early days of the form.

  • —. Children's Literature Digital Resource

  • 118

    A full-text repository of Australian children's literature from 1830 to 1945, the Children's Literature Digital Resource is a collection of hundreds of early works, from novels to poetry and picture books, from authors including Dorothy Wall, E.W. Cole, Richard rRowe, and Lillian Pyke. The collection also includes a selection of critical works, including works by Clare Bradford, Heather Scutter, Kerry White, Sharyn Pearce, and Marcie Muir. The project establishes an important digital facility for research, teaching, and information provision around Australian children’s literature and provides access to a wide range of high-quality full-text data, both primary and secondary resources.

  • —. Australian Fiction and Poetry

  • 100

    More than 200 works of Australian fiction and poetry have been digitised with the support of the University of Sydney's Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS) program program. These works range from the early nineteenth century to the 1930s. Texts were selected on the basis of academic and teaching staff surveys and advice. More works will be added to this collection as they become available.

    See the full collection of full text Australian fiction and poetry.

  • —. Criticism

  • In addition to The AustLit Anthology of Criticism,over 300 additional important articles, reviews, and surveys have been digitised or published by AustLit. Access the full list of critical articles here. Use the filters on the left hand side to explore the list.

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