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  • AustLit is brought to you by The University of Queensland in collaboration with many academic, library, and research organisations.

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  • AustLit is...

    — an authoritative database about Australian literature and storytelling, with biographical and bibliographical information, full text, exhibitions and rich online content

    — a partner and collaborator in scholarly research

    — a publisher of scholarly research

    — a key element of national research infrastructure

    — a subscription service to which you can subscribe

    — an amazing team of scholars, librarians, researchers, volunteers!







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  • Our Mission

    AustLit’s mission is ‘to be the definitive information resource and research environment for Australian literary, print, and narrative cultures'.

  • Collaborations

    AustLit is a non-profit collaboration between a network of researchers from Australian universities and the National Library of Australia, led by The University of Queensland. Our goal is to support research into, and the teaching of, Australian literary, narrative, and print cultures and the expansion of knowledge about the place of story in Australian culture in the past and present.

    AustLit collaborators form a powerful coalition of senior literary researchers, librarians, and information-management professionals. Members of this group define AustLit's direction and orientation.

    We welcome new collaborations and invite scholars and researchers who wish to use AustLit as a publishing platform for data and other forms of content to contact us.

  • Limits to Indexing

    Over the past two decades the partner universities that made up the collaborative endeavour that is AustLit has invested heavily in indexing and describing published works in print and online. Unfortunately, in light of the reduction in our funding in recent years and the ever increasing amount of online publishing, we have been forced to make a difficult decision and alter our indexing practices.

    We can now only afford to index the contents of a smaller number of Australian periodicals than we have done previously and, while we will continue to provide publication details of a large number of periodicals publishing fiction, poetry, criticism, history, essays, and cultural studies, as of 2017, we can no longer index every individual item published in the many anthologies, selected and collected works, and periodicals that appear each year. We simply do not have enough staff to do the work.

    We are currently refining a simplified interface to allow volunteers to assist with indexing and describing individual poems and other works published within journals, collections, and online. If you would like to volunteer to add publication data to AustLit, please indicate your interest by email.

  • Governance

    Led by The University of Queensland, AustLit is a non-profit, research-driven collaboration between a network of researchers from Australian universities and the National Library of Australia.

    The University of Queensland has been the lead university since 2002, following UNSW at ADFA's (now called UNSW Canberra) lead status in the project's first years (2000-2001).

    The School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland provides significant levels of core non-operational funding, infrastructure, office, and administrative support, and acts as the point of contact for all enquiries. All partner universities provide infrastructural support to staff working on AustLit-funded projects.

    AustLit operates under the guidance of a Board of Management, whose members are drawn from partner institutions, the NLA, and the Association for the Study of Australian Literature.

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