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  • AustLit is a primary resource for teachers and students of Australian literature, theatre, film, television, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies.

    An excellent resource for teachers and students, at primary or secondary schools or university.

    Use AustLit to explore the many ways Australians tell, retell, and think about stories.

    • Find biographical information about tens of thousands of authors
    • Full bibliographical information about hundreds of thousands of works
    • Discover primary texts for study and secondary texts to support study
    • Explore curated content relating to Australia's cultural history
    • Access full text criticism, literature, curated online content
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  • Just Some of Our Resources

  • BlackWords

    The BlackWords Information Trails gather together detailed information on themes relevant to the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in teaching. We have mapped a wide range of texts from regions and nations across Australia. You can discover writers and stories from Wiradjuri, Bundjalung, and Noongar lands, and explore themed collections of texts and information including relating to the stolen generations, identity and country, children's literature and life writing.

  • Reading Australia

    Reading Australia

    Reading AustraliaClick here for a collection of fascinating information trails through 19 intriguing Australian works compiled for the Copyright Agency funded project Reading Australia.

    From Anna Funder's Stasiland to Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career through Nam Le's The Boat, these trails provide a rich journey through resources that help students and teachers get to grips with the texts.

  • Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL)

    AustLit is pleased to host the website for ASAL, the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. ASAL promotes the study, discussion and creation of Australian writing. It also seeks to increase awareness of Australian writing in the wider community and throughout the world. ASAL holds conferences and maintains a directory of postgraduate research on its website.

    Click here to access the ASAL website.

    Contact ASAL.

  • Courting Blakness

    Artist: Archie Moore. One of the '14 Nations' flags.

    Courting Blakness is a collection of resources relating to an art installation at The University of Queensland in 2014 where artworks by contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists were installed in the Great Court. This material provides rich discussion points around space and the way art can raise questions. It includes videos of talks by the artists and participants in a national symposium.

  • The Conversation


    A curated collection of articles from The Conversation useful for teachers and students.

  • Accessing AustLit


    Staff and students of almost all Australian universities can access AustLit automatically by going to our web address (we recognise IP addresses). If you have trouble accessing AustLit on or off campus, try searching your library catalogue for AustLit and click through the sign-in procedure. If your university is not a subscriber, ask them to support your studies by subscribing.

    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Rich educational content is available for schools. Subscribe to enable full school-wide access both on- and off-site. We are very happy to negotiate generous consortia discounts for school associations. Please contact us for details.


    Check your local library to see if they subscribe. If your local library does not subscribe to AustLit, please contact us for access details. Individual subscriptions are available.


    If you are seeking access on behalf of your organisation, please email us with the details of your requirements, and we will forward access details to you.

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