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  • Accessing AustLit

  • AustLit relies on income from subscriptions mostly paid by research and education institutions and libraries. Without this income, AustLit would cease to operate.

    AustLit is available to patrons of subscribing libraries, educational institutions, other organisations, and individuals. Currently, all registered users of subscribing libraries or institutions have full access to AustLit for personal research.

    This includes registered users of:

    — almost all Australian universities

    — National Library of Australia

    — Australian State Libraries

    — Northern Territory Library

    — a number of local council libraries around the country

    Go to the website of your local, state or territory library or of the National Library of Australia, and register. Access by registered users must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the subscribing library.


    At universities around Australia, access is usually provided through the catalogue of your subscribing library or by IP address recognition if you access AustLit on-site. Search for 'AustLit' in the catalogue and you should find details about how to gain access.

    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Please contact us for details of access. Schools can also take out a subscription to enable full school-wide access both on- and off-site. We offer very generous discounts to consortia arrangements for schools associations or collectives.

    Local Libraries

    Check with your local library to see if they subscribe. Why not suggest they do so if they don't currently make it available?

    International users

    A number of international research libraries subscribe to AustLit. Check with your university library, major state or public library to find out if you have access. Individual subscriptions are also available. Contact us for details.


    Registered patrons of Australian libraries, such as National, State and territory libraries, may have full access to AustLit through their membership of those libraries. Access by registered users must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the subscribing library.

    To gain access to AustLit search, do a title search in your library catalogue for AustLit and use the usual method for signing on to an e-resource. Please contact your library if you need help.

    If you are not a member of such a library, or if your library does not subscribe to AustLit, please contact us for access details. Individual subscriptions are available.


    If you are seeking access on behalf of your organisation, please email us with the details of your requirements, and we will forward access details to you.

    Guest access

    In certain circumstances, we will provide guest access for a limited time. However, we encourage researchers to use the service through a subscribing institution whenever possible. Please contact us for details.

    Australian Authors - creative writers, critics, researchers

    Please contact us for access details. We are happy to provide guest access for you to view details about your work. We welcome receiving updates to AustLit entries relating to works and activities within our scope.


    We welcome approaches from independent scholars who would like to participate in building this amazing resource. If you have an area of interest you would like to build content around, or would like to help us index poetry, short stories, criticism, the literary content in old newspapers, get in touch for free access, a crash course in indexing, and an opportunity to blog about your area of interest.


    If you wish to find out information about subscribing to AustLit, please contact us for pricing details.

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