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Australian Literary Responses To 'Asia'

(Status : Public)
  • About

    Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia' provides information on Australian creative writing about or referring to Asia, and some Australian critical responses to the literatures of Asian countries. The dataset is a tool to guide the reader through impressions of Asia through Australian eyes. It is a resource for subject or region-specific research.

    It includes information on works about, set in, or in some cases, containing references to, or images of, countries in Asia, North East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Papua New Guinea. It does not cover the Asian diaspora, for example, Fiji.

    Read Lyn Jacobs and Rick Hosking's revised, peer-reviewed introduction. Jacobs and Hosking compiled an original list of works that may be of interest.


    Tibet is included as a part of China in the AustLit Thesaurus as the United Nations does not recognise Tibet as an independent, sovereign nation. The researchers responsible for this dataset, however, recognise Tibet's claims to independence.

    Australian writers identifying with particular Asian cultural heritages are included in Australian Multicultural Writers. However, this dataset encompasses the perceptions of Asians in Australia and Asian-Australians as they view their Asian heritage and homelands, and as they perceive themselves to be viewed by Australians.

    While Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia' concentrates on creative and critical literature, it also includes some additional works including Australian literary critical responses to Asian literature.

  • History

    A Bibliography of Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia' was published by Lyn Jacobs and Rick Hosking in association with the Flinders University Library in 1995, and electronically in 1996. Initial research focused on poetry, short stories, novels and plays. In 2000 Associate Professor Lyn Jacobs, Anne Chittleborough and Professor Gus Worby initiated new research to update the bibliography, expand its scope, and adapt the records for publication within AustLit.

    The original Bibliography, covering the period from European settlement to the present day, tracked literary responses by Australian writers to those regions of Asia most closely associated with Australia. It included information on works about, set in, or in some cases, containing references to or images of countries in Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Papua New Guinea. Its incorporation into AustLit makes possible what has not yet been attempted: the future inclusion of material relating to Central Asia and the Middle East.

  • Sources

    Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia' information is sourced from the full range of AustLit information sources, including the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) and a number of specialist sources, journals and monographs held in private and library collections.

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